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Investigate: a 360° view of investigations

06 April 2023 | London


Join experts from around our global network as we explore the key issues arising in internal and external investigations.

In today's global marketplace it is now common to see large scale cross-border investigations involving multiple agencies and legal systems. This podcast series brings together lawyers who have worked on some of the largest, highest-profile and most demanding national and international investigations in recent memory to provide practical guidance and insights in relation to the common issues that can arise, how these can be overcome and, more generally, how to ensure that any investigation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Episode 1

2 November 2022

In the first episode of our new investigations podcast series, join Robert Hunt, Elizabeth Head and Eamon McCarthy-Keen who offer an insight into what this series will cover, the key steps in an investigation, initial considerations, the typical challenges associated with investigation scoping and immediate priorities once an investigation is underway.

Speakers: Robert Hunt, Elizabeth Head, Eamon McCarthy-Keen



Episode 2

14 December 2022

Join Robert Hunt, Cameron Dunstan-Smith and Brian Spiro for the second episode of our investigations podcast series where they will be discussing dawn raids. This episode will explore key themes when dealing with a dawn raid, including the importance of preparation, how best to confront them when they arise and what can be done to prevent a raid from happening. They will also share practical lessons learnt from their own personal experiences.

Speakers: Robert Hunt, Cameron Dunstan-Smith, Brian Spiro



Episode 3

2 February 2023

In the third episode of our investigations podcast series, join Robert Hunt, Miriam Everett, Stephanie Barrett and Ali Grodzki where they discuss data issues in investigations, including the ever-increasing sources of data, navigating data laws and the evolving methods in which we collect and review data.

Speakers: Robert Hunt, Miriam Everett, Stephanie Barrett, Ali Grodzki



Episode 4

6 April 2023

Join Robert, Christine and Jonathan in the first of two episodes on how to deal with witnesses and suspects. This first episode is focused on employment and the team discuss what issues should be considered, how we should deal with whistleblowers and witnesses, and what the employment options are when an employee has been found to have acted improperly.

Speakers: Robert Hunt, Christine Young and Jonathan Mattout




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