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Inside Tech: Done Deal Podcast

28 October 2022 | Australia


Tech is booming and the deal landscape is rapidly evolving. What are the key tech M&A trends that investors, corporates and advisers should zero in on?

Meet our hosts Malika Chandrasegaran, Partner and Mia Harrison-Kelf, Senior Associate as they kick off our new podcast series which will explore the who, the what, and the why of tech deals across the Asia-Pacific region.






Episode 2: Key regional trends in tech deals across APAC

Southeast Asia is said to be one of the fastest growing and one of the most active regions for tech deals in the world, so in this episode we’ll be taking a whistle stop tour around the region to talk about some of the key recent trends in tech transactions. Join our host, Malika Chandrasegaran, Corporate M&A Partner, with special guests Vik Tang, Partner and Head of Corporate in our associated Indonesian law firm Hiswara Bunjamin & Tandjung, and Victor Chiew, Director at our associated Singapore law firm Prolegis, as they discuss digital infrastructure, an increase in M&A deals and cloud hosting, tech companies acquiring banks in Indonesia, and how regulators are keeping up with the changing landscape.

Read our key takeaways

  • There are lots of interesting and exciting tech deals going on in Australia and Southeast Asia right now. There has especially been an M&A and joint venture focus on digital infrastructure, including subsea cables, data centres, and towers. This demand has been driven by the booming digital economy and the need to prepare for the next wave of consumer tech including augmented reality and increased cloud services.
  • Digital banks are becoming increasing common across the region. In Indonesia, FinTech firms have been acquiring then converting existing small banks into digital banks; in Singapore, the country’s first entirely digital bank, GSX, just launched; Malaysia has granted 5 digital bank licenses; and Thailand is exploring creating a regime to license digital banks.
  • Regulators and governments have been generally supportive of e-commerce and foreign investment. There’s been an growing focus on crypto-regulation, personal data protection and preserving national security interests.
  • Changes to valuations in the current climate of rising interest rates and heightened volatility could drive bidder activity and change once standard business practices. For example in Australia equity value softness may lead to more interest in tech-enabled growth and increasing business’ tech capability. In Indonesia, despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, tech unicorns are starting to prefer domestic listings and use fewer offshore holding companies, given the uncertainty of overseas markets.
  • Overall, it’s an exciting time to be doing tech deals in Southeast Asia!

Episode 1: Welcome – the who, the what and the why of tech deals across APAC

Join Malika Chandrasegaran, Partner and Mia Harrison-Kelf, Senior Associate as they kick off our new podcast series which will explore the who, the what, and the why of tech deals across the Asia-Pacific region.

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