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28 February 2020 | Global

In a global business it can often be difficult to get to know your colleagues in other offices and locations. You may deal with them by email or over the phone, but that rarely equates to understanding how, or why, they came to be doing the work they do today or the additional skills and perspectives they can bring to the table.

Equally, while we can try to keep up to date with the concerns and issues facing our business in every region in which we operate, that rarely matches the insight gleaned from having someone on the ground locally.

Choosing your lawyers for an international dispute brings many of the same challenges. Reading a firm's website, brochures and partner CVs will rarely give a true feel for the people behind the marketing. While legal rankings and directories may point to firms who may have relevant experience, they are unlikely to help you pinpoint a lawyer who truly understands your business, understands the region in which you operate and with whom you will strike up an effective working relationship.

This publication, Inside Arbitration, is intended to give our clients that personal insight by sharing with you the perspectives of our international arbitration partners from across the globe. Our articles look at the global landscape for disputes and dispute resolution, commenting on regional trends in particular markets or sectors or identifying future trends. We also focus on particular points of interest arising from our cases with wider relevance and how, practically, we addressed those issues, often by combining the skills of our practitioners across our global network. There are interview pieces aimed at drawing out some of the truly unique skills and backgrounds of our partners. Finally, we aim to take advantage of our contacts across the global arbitration market to bring our clients the inside track from regional and international institutions.

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