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The Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the Unitary Patent

Navigating the new EU patent system



The introduction of the European patent package - the creation of a single court in which to hear European patent disputes (the Unified Patent Court (UPC)) plus a unitary patent right (UP) across most of the EU - is the culmination of decades of work, but now looks to be moving into its final stages, with the UPC Preparatory Committee suggesting that a mid-2022 start date is possible. Once the new system is in force it will bring with it fundamental changes to the way in which patents can be litigated in Europe. This Hub aims to give you the background you need on the practical changes introduced by the UPC and UP system, including the implications for patent litigation and patent filing strategies. Click on the boxes below for more information.    


UPC – Doors Open in 2022?

2 November 2021

Recent comments from the UPC Preparatory Committee make it look increasingly likely that the UPC will open its doors for business during 2022. The Committee announced that the start of the Provisional Application Period during which all the practical arrangements are made for the start of the court is “currently expected for late 2021 or early 2022".



How can we help?

Our fully integrated, market leading team, is on the ground in France, Germany, Italy and the UK and has decades of experience in running multi-jurisdictional patent litigation in respect of our clients' most valuable products, including experience in the jurisdictions which will inform the UPC's procedure in due course. Once commenced, the new UPC system will have jurisdiction over EPs in all participating EU member, but litigation will also need to continue in non-participating EPC states (including the UK and three EU MSs) as well as in national courts in relation to EPs opted out of the new system. So the execution and management of multi-jurisdictional patent litigation will still be a key element of patent enforcement in Europe, in which our team has unrivalled experience. We will be able to use legal, technical and strategic skills from across our whole European team to give you the best advice on your matters, with the qualifications necessary to handle cases whether they are in the UPC or key national courts. 

For more information and advice on preparing for the new system, please contact Sebastian Moore, or any of the other key contacts listed below. Please see also our quick guide to the UPC and unitary patents, via the boxes below. 

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the Unitary Patent (UP)

The UPC Preparatory Committee has announced that the UPC is likely to start in mid-2022. Find the answers to your questions here and learn what you should be doing to prepare.

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