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HMRC's Evasion and Avoidance Strategy: what you need to know

05 September 2017 | London


Recording: Originally broadcast Tuesday 5 September 2017

This webinar focussed on recent developments in relation to HMRC's Offshore Evasion and Avoidance Strategy, including:

  • The new corporate criminal offences of failing to prevent the facilitation of UK and Foreign tax evasion.  Due to come into force at the end of September, we consider what needs to be done (and how) by businesses in advance of commencement. 
  • Penalties for enablers of abusive avoidance.  Having been removed from the Finance Act 2017, this regime is firmly back on the agenda and will be included in Finance No.2 Bill 2017 ("F2B17").  We consider the scope and core elements of the legislation and what you need to do to be prepared.   
  • Disclosure and correction.  With the worldwide disclosure facility in full swing, and stiff tax geared penalties for those who have not remedied offshore not compliance by next September, we examine the terms of the "requirement to correct" regime (to be included in F2B17) and other recent developments in relation to tax transparency.

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