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Getting the Deal Through: Financial Services Litigation

09 October 2017 | Global
Guides – By Damien Byrne Hill, Partner


Explores the similarities and differences in how financial sector disputes are resolved worldwide, with our expert authors answering key questions in major jurisdictions.

Topics covered include: common causes of action; powers of regulatory authorities; alternative dispute resolution; specialist courts and procedures; disclosure requirements; data governance issues; remedies and enforcement; and changes in the regulatory landscape since the financial crisis. There has been a significant rate of global growth of litigation in this sector following the financial crisis, which seems to be continuing, and therefore it seems appropriate to have a dedicated guide for practitioners in this area. While the existence of financial services litigation is truly a global phenomenon, it has become apparent through the process of compiling this publication that the law and procedures in relation to such disputes have evolved in different ways across the jurisdictions. In this overview we consider some of the principal similarities and differences in the sector.

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