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After decades of relentless growth, global cities face dramatic upheaval as new technology and Covid-19 change the way we live and work. Our Future Cities Series asks: what now for one of the prime engines of the modern economy?

By 2050, urban living is set to cover over two-thirds of global population thanks to explosive growth in cities. Yet metropolitan areas have been savaged by the pandemic, with Covid-19 spreading quickly in densely populated regions, while lockdowns and social distancing have questioned cornerstones of city life: interaction, convenience and vitality among them.

History tells us that cities will quickly adapt to such pressures, reflecting their potent social and economic role in modern life. But what will such rapid change to their social, technological and environmental demands look like? In this hub, our experts tackle the big questions and explore the role of investors, businesses and policymakers in building a better future for billions of urban citizens.


Future Cities – The Podcast Series
Future Cities Series: Will tech eat our cities? (Panel Event)
Our Sydney office hosted an engaging panel event on 8 June 2021, posing the question “Will tech eat our cities?”. Our hosts Nicholas Carney (Infrastructure Partner) and Peter Jones (Technology Partner) are joined by local guests Amy Brown (Chief Executive Officer, Investment NSW), Avi Naidu (Managing Partner, Taronga Ventures) and Tibor Schwartz (Senior Advisor, Asset Management, QIC Global infrastructure) to share their valuable perspectives and consider the role technology has to play in the future of our cities.


Future Cities Series: Key themes and industry perspectives

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