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From our Art Gallery Partners

18 May 2020 | Global


Please enjoy this special selection of online content from our gallery partners. 

Art Gallery NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW, Australia

Pocket Exhibition

As presenting partner of the AGNSW Asian Galleries, we are delighted to bring you a Together in Art Pocket Exhibition, curated by Melanie Eastburn. “From the muddiest waters, the lotus blooms pure and bright. I always smile when I see the lovers Radha and Krishna covered in petals, a goddess nursing the elephant-headed infant Ganesha, boys frolicking in a lotus pond, or Krishna prancing by the Yamuna river.”

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National Gallery

The National Gallery, London, UK

Picture of the Week

Available only to the Gallery’s supporters, we are pleased to share with you the links to "Picture of the Week" from The National Gallery's Director, Gabriele Finaldi.


We are also delighted to share with you a message from the Director of the National Gallery recorded by the Head of Conservation on Monday 11 May 2020.  Subtitles are available and can be viewed by clicking on the subtitle icon on the lower right, once the video has started.  

National Gallery - a message from Gabriele Finaldi