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17 February 2022

Swedish Arbitration Days 2022

The Swedish Arbitration Association are hosting the Swedish Arbitration Days 2022, on the overarching theme Integrity in International Arbitration. Our Global Head of Arbitration, Paula Hodges QC will join a panel of globally prominent legal practitioners to discuss " Transparency v...
30 November 2021

Director Identification Numbers commenced on 1 November 2021

29 November 2021

Launch of leading book on schemes of arrangement

After almost 9 years in the making, the much anticipated 4 th edition of Schemes, Takeovers and Himalayan Peaks: The Use of Schemes of Arrangement has finally been released in conjunction with the Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law at the University of Sydney.
26 November 2021

"Strategic Considerations in Cross-Border Investigations": Scott Balber and Pamela Terry contribute to Global Investigations Review’s “The Guide to International Enforcement of Securities Laws”

The chapter offers insight into how to navigate the modern complexities of cross-border securities investigations, in particular those involving the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice. It covers strategic considerations, the basics of coordination among...
24 November 2021

Whistleblowing and the “compliance gap”: Australian regulator fires warning shot on whistleblower policies

'Set and forget' still too common on whistleblowing compliance, warns key business regulator.
24 November 2021

Global Bank Review: Triodos Spanish chief on ESG and remaking banking for the 2020s

Continuing our series of insights from senior industry figures, the Global Bank Review speaks with Mikel Garcia-Prieto Arrabal, Director General of sustainability pioneer Triodos Bank España. Mikel shares his views on how climate change and rising social obligations are impacting banks and how...
18 November 2021

Cyber-ransoms are on the rise: What do you need to know?

‘Cyber-ransoms’ are on the rise, and with new cyber tactics and ways of working, the risks are increasing.
11 November 2021

Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP26: Rethinking Corporate Purpose

As part of COP26, the Sustainable Innovation Forum (8-10 November 2021) is a world class, high level summit to identify the breakthrough innovation and technologies that can be deployed and scaled now, and the importance of public–private partnerships and finance.
11 November 2021


London-based Construction & Infrastructure Disputes Partners James Doe and David Nitek and Professional Support Lawyer Noe Minamikata have authored the chapter on 'Construction Arbitration and Turnkey Projects' in the fourth edition of Global Arbitration Review’s Guide to Construction...
09 November 2021

Global Bank Review: Central bank digital currencies and ESG – a sprint across the tightrope

CBDCs are touted as helping the unbanked into the financial system but vast social promise must be balanced against complex environmental and governance concerns.
08 November 2021

Cultivating board culture towards greater accountability

With potential rule changes on the way listed companies should be thinking ahead, we look at key issues your company needs to know
05 November 2021

FAR moving forward: What’s new and what next?

The Financial Accountability Regime Bill 2021 ( FAR Bill ) was introduced in the House of Representatives on 28 October 2021. This legislation will replace and extend the Banking Executive Accountability Regime ( BEAR ) (which currently only applies to authorised deposit-taking institutions ( ADIs...
04 November 2021

Quick briefing: What you need to know about directors’ duties and ESG

ESG presents complex and multifaceted issues for energy and resources companies. While the nature of the challenges is evolving and changes may be uncertain, it is clear that climate change, human rights and indigenous heritage risks will be important factors in many short, medium and long-term...
04 November 2021

Quick briefing: A miner’s guide to novel claims

In a time when investors, representative groups and climate activist groups across the world continue to scrutinise every action of corporate entities and governments, litigation is increasingly being used to pursue climate outcomes. Recent developments including the Sixth Assessment Report ( AR6...
04 November 2021

ACCC granted first interlocutory injunction to prevent merger in nearly 30 years

For the first time in 27 years, the ACCC has succeeded in obtaining an interlocutory injunction preventing an acquisition from completing until final determination of the proceeding 1 .