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COVID-19: People: 10 return-to-work considerations (Spain)

26 May 2020 | Madrid
Legal Briefings – By Eduardo Gómez de Enterría, Henar González, Iria Calviño, José Ramón Mourenza, Lourdes Fraguas and Miguel Ángel Barroso


Find below the main return-to-work considerations within the health crisis caused by the COVID-19.

  • The importance of adopting organisational measures
  • Safety measures and hygiene in the workplace
  • Medical check-ups for employees
  • Employee health questionnaires and preventive measures
  • Social and work-life balance measures
  • Allowances for companies that reinstate employees
  • Measures to protect employment
  • Training, participation and information
  • Strict compliance with competition rules
  • State aid to mitigate the current situation

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