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Challenges in the Consumer Sector: Adapting to the new reality

03 July 2019 | UK
Legal Briefings

In the second of our series of three feature articles on Challenges in the Consumer Sector being published in PLC Magazine this summer, Susan Black, John Chetwood, Miriam Everett, Tim Leaver, Kristien Geeurickx, Jemima Coleman, Richard Wood, Rebecca Perlman and Rachel Montagnon examine some more key issues facing the consumer and retail sectors, ranging from supply chain issues, to employee issues arising from the gig economy, and financial distress.

These are challenging times for businesses that operate in the consumer and retail sectors and in order to thrive, they must continually adapt to changing circumstances.

This article, the second in a three-part series, explores some of the key issues facing these sectors today.

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This article was first published in PLC Magazine, July 2019

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