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CEO Mark Rigotti on the ever-changing nature of the legal profession and building a future-focused workforce

18 June 2019 | Global


CEO Mark Rigotti talks to business journalist James Ashton about how lawyers will be working in the future

The shape and nature of the workforce today is extremely different to how it was 10, 20 years ago. The prolific rise of mobile technology, better forms of transportation and a more globalised world, among other things, have led to people adapting how, when and where they work.

It is no different for the legal sector. How lawyers will be working in the future is ever changing and will require skills to adapt, to be open and to be curious, according to CEO Mark Rigotti.

"There's always going to be a slice where clients want an empathetic relationship and to know it's going to be OK. There's also an element of creativity and there'll be a role for technology to play in supplementing that but quite often there is a bit of a human spark there as well," says Mark.

In this video, Mark discusses the transforming nature of the legal profession, the opportunities and challenges it brings, and ensuring that the delivery of excellent client service continues to sit at the core of change.