The Brexit Podcast


Our regular series of podcasts to keep you up-to-date with the critical issues facing business post-Brexit.

On our Herbert Smith Freehills Podcast channel, our experts continue to analyse, assess and address, the issues that businesses face and the responses they may need to make. Our most recent episodes look at what happens at the end of the countdown to 31 December 2020, whether or not there is a new trade agreement in place to replace the current status quo transition.

Latest Episodes (28 October 2020)

Episode 19

Beyond 31 December - Trade (Eric White)

Episode 20

Beyond 31 December - Data (Miriam Everett)

Episode 21

Beyond 31 December - Tax (Aurell Taussig)

Episode 22

Beyond 31 December - Mobility (Emma Chatenay)

Episode 23

Beyond 31 December - Contracts (Julie Farley)

Episode 24

Beyond 31 December - Jurisdiction and enforcement (Maura McIntosh)

Episode 25

Beyond 31 December - Intellectual property (Rachel Montagnon)

Episode 26

Beyond 31 December - Retained EU law (Dorothy Livingston and Sahil Kher)

Episode 27

Beyond 31 December - Media (Hayley Brady)

Episode 28

Beyond 31 December - Technology and telecommunications (David Andrews)


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