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Brexit Continuity Clauses: what policyholders need to know

27 September 2018 | Europe
Legal Briefings – By Paul Lewis, Geoff Maddock, Alison Matthews and Sarah Irons


We have assisted Airmic to produce a guide for policyholders on Continuity Clauses, which some in the insurance market are using to prepare for the impact of Brexit.

The clauses aim to provide a level of contract continuity in the event that the UK leaves the EU without suitable transitional arrangements being put in place or without an agreement allowing UK insurers to perform cross-border business into the EEA.

The guide explains those Brexit issues of particular relevance to policyholders and explains what Continuity Clauses aim to do. Policyholders are encouraged to discuss the implications of Brexit for their insurance programme with their broker and this guide should assist policyholders in those discussions.

Herbert Smith Freehills is Airmic's Preferred Service Provider on insurance law issues and has assisted Airmic in producing a number of its technical guides over the past few years.

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