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Brexit: challenge or opportunity?


When we began analysing in depth the possibility of Britain exiting the EU (Brexit), 18 months prior to the June 2016 referendum, the business consensus was very much that Brexit was a remote prospect that either would never happen or not matter.

Fast forward just over two years and the reality could not be more different. In this fifth edition of our Brexit Legal Guide, we take stock of the present situation, summarising the key developments since last year's vote and what's to be expected in the months ahead. 

From the outset, our approach to Brexit has been defined by objective analysis and a global perspective. The vast majority of our clients and our 3,000 lawyers are not based in the UK. We shall continue in 2017 to leverage this worldwide network to bring maximum clarity to our and our clients' understanding of the details of the debates and negotiations and to develop thoughtful solutions to the complex challenges ahead.

As well as looking at Brexit from different regional perspectives, we have acknowledged the breadth of the issues it raises and adopted a collaborative approach, working not only with our clients’ own Brexit teams but with other leading experts to analyse and assess the implications and to develop new ideas of how they might be addressed.

Should you wish to discuss how Brexit affects you and what to do in response, please contact your local Herbert Smith Freehills contact. 

Brexit Timeline
Brexit Timeline

The measures taken to reflect the vote will now determine the course of ensuing events.


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