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Australian Industrial Relations and Workplace Reform Hub



With the 2022 Federal Election now a distant memory, our Australian Industrial Relations and Workplace Reforms Hub has shifted focus from election policy commitments, to post-election reforms. Our experts provide insight into the Albanese Government’s approach to industrial relations and workplace reform (including the outcomes from the Jobs & Skills Summit) and how these reforms will impact Australian businesses.

Our aim is to present a clear and independent view of the practical impact of the proposed changes. The Australian Industrial Relations and Workplace Reforms Hub will be continuously updated with new developments.

18 May 2022

Australian Federal Election Workplace and Industrial Relations Survey: Back to the future?

18 May 2022

Australian Federal Pre-Election Workplace and Industrial Relations Webinar

13 May 2022

Our future Australian government’s approach to the Future of Work

07 November 2022

Australian labour hire in the spotlight

22 April 2022

An election for the (w)ages

20 April 2022

Systemic and Shameful: Expanded Criminal Sanctions on the Horizon for Australian firms Engaging in Wage Theft?

19 April 2022

Whistle while you work – predictions for Australia’s whistleblowing and anti-corruption reform

13 April 2022

Federal Election 2022 – Will Australia's major parties make the case for industrial relations reform?

30 March 2022

Federal Budget Workplace Round-Up

28 March 2022

Sexual harassment and the recent [email protected] report - Podcast and Video

17 March 2022

Victorian Sick Pay Pilot – A sign of the things to come for Australia’s casual workers?

08 March 2022

[email protected]: Australian Government consults on positive duty to prevent sexual harassment

01 March 2022

Take 2: What the Alp’s Agenda may mean for WA’s mining sector this time

23 February 2022

Let’s get real about the employee/contractor debate

16 February 2022

2022 Australian Federal Election and Workplace Reform

11 November 2022

Industrial Relations Law Reform Agendas

11 February 2022

Can you judge a relationship by its contract?

29 May 2019

Irony and the opportunity for generational reform of Australia’s Workplace Laws

28 May 2019

Australian Federal Election Reforms Podcast

16 May 2019

A mega boost for the mega projects of the future

15 May 2019

A Gig Deal – ‘Gig Economy’ Regulation Initiatives at the Federal Level

08 May 2019

Industrial Relations Law Reform Agenda

03 May 2019

After the Election: changes to safety right of entry?

24 April 2019

What the ALP’s agenda may mean for WA’s mining sector

22 March 2019

Industry bargaining – the impossible dream?

15 March 2019

Enterprise bargaining – if it’s ‘broken’, is there a fix ahead?

08 March 2019

ALP Industrial Relations Policy

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