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Australian Foreign Investment Review 2019

01 May 2019 | Australia
Guides – By Malika Chandrasegaran, Daniel Chun, David Ryan, Bailee Walker, Philip Podzebenko, Jack McDonell, Natalie Bryce, Caitlin Walker, Tony Damian, Li-Lian Yeo, Matthew FitzGerald and Hayley Knaggs

In this edition of the Australian Foreign Investment Review, we focus on the key takeaways from FIRB’s 2017-18 Annual Report, new legislation relating to foreign investment, highlight some key issues for investors looking at data intensive sectors and the financial services sector and look forward to the balance of 2019.


Firstly, Malika Chandrasegaran and Daniel Chun provide a summary of the recent FIRB 2017-18 Annual Report, highlighting the key messages and themes. David Ryan and Bailee Walker review the history of CKI’s bid for APA.

Philip Podzebenko and Jack McDonell consider the new Foreign Investment Transparency Scheme, which introduces new registration requirements for foreign investors with connections to a foreign government.

Natalie Bryce and Caitlin Walker review FIRB’s approach to data privacy issues, which is of particular interest in healthcare and technology sectors. Tony Damian and Li-Lian Yeo look at the landscape for foreign investment in the financial sector, and the sector specific approvals required.

Finally, Matthew FitzGerald and Hayley Knaggs consider foreign investment in 2019, and the expected challenges for investors into Australia.


We trust you will enjoy the tenth edition of the Australian Foreign Investment Review.

Please click on the download link above to access the English and Chinese versions of Herbert Smith Freehills’ Australian Foreign Investment Review.

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