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Australian Federal Election Workplace Reforms



With the 2022 election cycle coming into the forefront of public conversation, debate over IR and workplace reforms within the LNP Coalition and ALP parties has reignited.

After a lengthy period in opposition, current polling indicates that the ALP will return to power to become the 47th Parliament of Australia. The Albanese led ALP has put forward a suite of IR reforms that will dramatically change the status quo both in the workplace and in the Fair Work Commission. In particular, the ALP has focused on wages increases and the need to reduce the incidence of ‘insecure’ work such as labour hire, casual employees and fixed term employees.

In the lead up to the election, our team at HSF will publish a series of insight pieces and podcasts examining the practical impacts for businesses of both parties’ policies. These resources will remain available on our Australian Federal Election Hub.

We hope our hub can assist in presenting a clear and independent view of the practical impact of the proposed changes. We will continue to update the hub as the new reforms are proposed in the lead up to the election.

Latest insights

Australian Federal Election Hub Update
Partners Drew Pearson, Wendy Fauvel and Nick Ogilvie provide an update on some of the key issues in industrial relations law reform in the lead up to the election.

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