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Australian Federal Election Reforms

IR Policy and the 2019 Federal Election outcome


Reform agenda

The federal election outcome is now clear. With the LNP Coalition returned with an absolute majority in the House of Representatives, they have an opportunity to reshape the debate over IR and workplace reform.

The Morrison government now has a generational opportunity to advance the case for reforms to the Fair Work Act and do so other than via the largely piecemeal approach that we’ve seen over recent years.

Prior to the election our team at HSF published a series of articles examining the practical impacts for business of both major parties’ policies. Those articles remain on our election hub.

With the election out of the way, we will re-title our hub as ‘Industrial Relations Reforms’ and will now focus on post-election developments and how they will affect business. We will be focusing on the Morrison government’s approach to IR and workplace reform as well as the wider community response.

We would be pleased to receive your feedback. We do hope our hub has assisted in presenting a clear and independent view of the practical impact of proposed changes. We will continue to seek to do that as the new government takes its place.

It was once said (and many times repeated) that “[t]he adage ‘‘all is fair in love and war’’ is… as much applicable to industrial warfare as to any other type.”

“All is fair in love and war” – but what about in industrial relations?

A key element of the ALP industrial relations platform is to ‘reduce the incidence of insecure work’

The ‘attack’ on ‘insecure work’ – protection for vulnerable workers or another agenda altogether?

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