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Australian Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety podcast

12 August 2020 | Australia


Join our experts as they discuss and share their views on the latest developments we are seeing in the employment, industrial relations and workplace healthy and safety space covering areas such as underpayment compliance, annualised salary provisions, industrial manslaughter laws and what key legislative changes mean for employers.


Australian EIRS Podcast EP10: Employment and Industrial Relations: What’s next?

16 September 2020

In this episode we discuss the most recent employment and IR issues and developments for HR practitioners and general counsel. Our panel canvass the lessons and insights they have been sharing with clients during this most uncertain economic period in a generation. We provide an update on COVID-19 and JobKeeper, how the federal governments IR reform is progressing, the recent state government ‘wage theft’ reforms, and the recent Report on workplace sexual harassment inquiry. The podcast was hosted by partner Anthony Longland in conversation with partners Kirsty Faichen (QLD), Natalie Gaspar (VIC), Drew Pearson (NSW) and Anthony Wood (VIC). 


Australian EIRS Podcast EP9: Safety Leadership Series: Workplace manslaughter developments

27 July 2020

Nearly all Australian States and Territories have approached the law around Workplace Manslaughter differently, in a further departure from the proposed ‘harmonisation’ of safety laws. The introduction of these very serious criminal offences is the topic of discussion in boardrooms, executive teams and across the safety profession. Our latest podcast provides a national snapshot of the state of these laws. Our safety leaders in each of our Australian offices, partners Steve Bell (VIC) Anna Creegan (WA), Aaron Anderson (QLD) and special counsel, Nerida Jessup (Sydney), together share the lessons and insights we have been sharing with clients in these significant developments.

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP8: Panel discussion: National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces

5 June 2020

In this episode, we discuss the key findings of the Australian Human Rights Commissions’ fourth national survey on Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces report, and how employers can be on the front foot to address these issues. Led by partner Tony Wood, the discussion features guest panellists: Heather Price (CEO, Symmetra), Tamsin Lawrence (Deputy Director - Workplace Relations, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Catherine Dixon (Executive Director, Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission) and HSF senior associate, Lucy Boyd.

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP7: Employment and Industrial Relations: Key predictions for 2020

10 January 2020 

Our latest podcast focuses on the key issues we expect to see in employment and industrial relations as we look ahead to 2020. Melbourne partners Anthony Wood and Natalie Gaspar share their trends and predictions covering areas such as underpayment compliance, the proposed changes to annualised salary provisions and key legislative changes. It’s essential listening to understand the biggest issues we are seeing for our clients in employment and IR in the coming year.

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP6: Employment and Industrial Relations: Future of work – employee activism

16 January 2020

Partners Anthony Longland and Natalie Gaspar discuss some of the results from a global survey presented in our report 'Future of Work: Adapting to the democratised workplace’. The report warns of an unprecedented rise in workforce activism ahead and what the findings might mean for the union movement in Australia.

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP5: Safety Law: Due diligence and director duties

5 July 2019

In this episode, safety partners Aaron Anderson and Steve Bell share their thoughts on the important issue of Director and Officer ‘due diligence’ under safety laws. These obligations impose high standards on senior leaders to actively engage in governance over safety matters. Steve and Aaron explore the nature of the obligations, but also have a lively discussion about whether the laws are actually working as intended, and are being enforced by regulators fairly and accurately.

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP4: Safety Law: Introduction of industrial manslaughter offences

28 May 2019

Our safety partners, Steve Bell and Aaron Anderson, discuss the impending introduction of industrial manslaughter offences across Australia. They reflect on the progress and trends since it was introduced in Queensland, following the tragic Dreamworld and Eagle Farm fatalities. Steve and Aaron look to the future function of the legislation and what in-house safety, risk or legal teams should do to prepare their business for this new regime.

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP3: Federal Election Reforms: Post-election update – what’s ahead for IR?

28 May 2019

In the final episode of our Federal Election Reforms series, partner Anthony Longland asks Wendy Fauvel, executive counsel responsible for our pre-election Industrial Relations Law Reform Agendas, what the Coalition are proposing in relation to industrial relations this year. Are there changes ahead or is it simply business as usual?

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP2: Federal Election Reforms: Whistleblowing

14 May 2019

As part of our Federal Election Reforms series, our latest episode focuses on the proposed reforms to whistleblower legislation and how similar laws have operated in the US, including the impact they have had upon business. It’s essential listening to assist understanding of the potential implications of the suggested reforms. The podcast is moderated by Perth partner Anthony Longland, who is joined by New York partner Barbara Roth and Sydney partner Shivchand Jhinku.

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Australian EIRS Podcast EP1: Federal Election Reforms: Employment and industrial relations

26 March 2019

As part of our Federal Election Reforms series, this episode focuses on the Australian Labor Party’s policy platform. It’s essential listening for HR professionals to assist understanding of the new employment landscape, which is being heavily influenced by the ACTU’s ‘Change the Rules’ campaign. The podcast is moderated by Perth partner Anthony Longland, who is joined by Melbourne partners Tony Wood and Natalie Gaspar.

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Featured podcasts

Our team have also been featured in conversation across the wider HSF network. Hear from our experts below as they provide insights to help you recover, rebuild and reform as a result of Covid-19. 

EP36 COVID-19: People: Mining-related legislation and instruments (Australia)

26 May 2020

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EP29 COVID-19: Preparing businesses to return their people to work (Australia)

14 May 2020

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EP12 COVID-19: Tax and Employment Issues of JobKeeper Payment (Australia)

15 April 2020

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EP11 COVID-19: Impact of Regulatory Behaviour (Australia)

8 April 2020

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EP9 COVID-19: Liquidity, Employment and Contracts (Australia)

1 April 2020

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EP3 COVID-19: Australian employment and safety related issues arising out of COVID–19 (Australia)

25 March 2020

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EP2 Part 2 COVID-19: Legal issues arising out of COVID–19 (Australia)

23 March 2020

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EP1 COVID-19: Panel Discussion – Impact on Business (Australia)

16 March 2020

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