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25 June 2020

Can AfCFTA deliver on what it promises?

It is worth exploring whether the AfCFTA will indeed afford greater protection to investors across Africa and here in SA?
25 June 2020


Die Bundesregierung hat die weltweite Reisewarnung für nicht notwendige, touristische Reisen für die meisten Mitgliedsstaaten der EU, Schengen-assoziierte Staaten (Schweiz, Norwegen, Island und Liechtenstein) und das Vereinigte Königreich ab dem 15. Juni 2020 aufgehoben und durch individuelle...
25 June 2020

The UK's National Security and Investment Bill - the new foreign investment control regime: choices and direction

The UK Government has a significant choice to make over the next few weeks: it has to decide on its approach to protecting national security in a changing global landscape, while maintaining the country’s appeal - built up over the last 40 years - as an attractive and predictable jurisdiction for...
24 June 2020

Tech Disputes webinar series

The increasing use of IoT, AI, big data, and smart technology is giving rise to complex, multi-jurisdictional disputes over IP, technology, software and data ownership. At Herbert Smith Freehills our Tech Disputes team leads the way in helping clients to navigate multifaceted high-value technology...
24 June 2020

Pressure Points: Preparing for the ‘new norm’ of on and off restrictions

As most of Australia contemplates the ongoing easing of emergency measures taken by State, Territory and Commonwealth governments in response to Covid-19, Victoria has announced it will extend its state of emergency until at least 20 July after a spike in cases. Further away, cities in China and...
24 June 2020

Pressure Points: Our new publication: Covid-19 Contract Disputes Guide (UK)

The economic disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic inevitably exposes businesses to heightened legal risk. In particular, counterparties may seek to delay, avoid performance and/or terminate agreements. This may be either because Covid-19 has legitimately prevented them from performing their...
24 June 2020

Pressure Points: Venture capital in Southeast Asia post-Covid-19 (Asia)

The Covid-19 pandemic has created significant economic challenges for industries world-wide. The Southeast Asia venture capital industry and the start-up ecosystem that it supports are no exception. Start-ups in particularly hard-hit industries have found themselves at risk in these uncertain times...
24 June 2020

Pressure points: Force majeure and Covid-19: the Paris Commercial Court’s interim relief judge (juge des référés) suspends the electricity suppliers’ obligation to purchase electricity from EDF (France)

The Covid-19 pandemic constitutes an unprecedented health crisis. Because of its unparalleled impact on the economy, businesses and contracts more generally, the crisis is of great interest to legal professionals. The upheavals that this crisis will bring with respect to the performance of various...
23 June 2020

Pressure Points: The impact of Covid-19 and the media industries

This article first appeared in the June 2020 issue of PLC Magazine under the title " COVID-19 and the media industries ". An article discussing the impact of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) on the media industries. It considers the role of innovation during the pandemic. It also looks...
23 June 2020

Significant amendments to UK merger control regime targeting foreign investment

The UK government has announced two significant amendments to the UK merger control regime, intended to enhance its powers to scrutinise certain foreign direct investment (“FDI”) into the UK, against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and wider national security concerns. These amendments come...
23 June 2020

Catalyst // Webinar Series

As markets move from response to recovery, our focus is shifting too. Looking ahead, we expect the global pandemic to operate as a catalyst, accelerating changes in human behaviour, driving forward scientific and technological advances, and ushering in further digitalisation and some tough choices...
19 June 2020

Governance: ESG in Aviation Finance (Global)

Introduction What is ESG and how does it relate to financing? Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are a set of criteria which corporates, their creditors and other stakeholders are increasingly taking into account when making investment decisions. ESG factors cover issues such as...
19 June 2020

Contingency fees introduced for Victorian class actions

Victoria has departed from the rest of Australia, becoming the first and only state permitting contingency fees to be charged in class actions.
18 June 2020

Future Cities Series: Views from our sector experts

This series examines the most pressing issues facing our cities in the post-Covid era. We have taken a cross-sector view of the legal and regulatory impacts of the pandemic and have scrutinised the key areas that are likely to be affected by it. Across each of those areas, our sector experts...
18 June 2020

Future Cities Series: Emissions down in lock-down ⁠– how can we lock-in the climate gains?

We are well into the pandemic and lockdown in many regions, so it is natural to ask the question, “ when will this end and when will we return to normal ”... The problem is, “normal” was not sustainable, in so many ways. Those of us in the energy industry particularly know that to be true. This...