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Japan - Australia M&A: Review and Trends (2017-2020)

13 March 2020 | Japan, Australia
Legal Briefings


This is the third year we have comprehensively reviewed the year’s Japan-Australia M&A deals and trends. Our findings and the trends remain consistent. Year on year there are more deals, more dollars and growing sector diversity. All indicators at present suggest that this trend should continue through 2020.

2019 saw a continued increase in the number, size and complexity of deals and the diversity of sectors invested in.

A distinctive ‘second trend’ of acquiring businesses competing in the domestic Australian market in insurance, wealth management, asset management, housing and construction, real estate, manufacturing, industrial and consumer products, renewable energy and technology sectors is continuing in parallel with the traditional minority investments in minerals, energy and food.

In this article, we review the transactions, explain the forces behind the trends, reflect on 2019 and make our predictions for 2020 and beyond.


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