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27 June 2023

ILS 6th Annual Conference on Energy Arbitration & Dispute Resolution in MEA, hosted by International Law Summits & Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

ILS’s 6th Annual Conference on Energy Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in the Middle East and Africa will take place on 27th and 28th June 2023. The event is organised in association with Herbert Smith Freehills and will take place in person at our London office, and will examine the economic,...
08 June 2023

Exploring the Promise and Perils of Generative AI in the Enterprise: AI Series

We explore the potential use cases for generative AI as well as the risks associated with bringing this technology within an enterprise’s business model.
08 June 2023

Energy & Infrastructure Construction Law Roundtable 2023

Herbert Smith Freehills in collaboration with Aluko & Oyebode is hosting an Energy & Infrastructure Construction Law Roundtable on Thursday 8 June 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria .
07 June 2023

Financing the Energy transition – Funding battery storage projects

The ability to store electricity that is produced by renewable energy projects is crucial to maximising efficient energy use and securing the UK's energy supply in the face of global upheaval, as well as accelerating the transition to net zero. Energy is generated intermittently by wind or solar...
07 June 2023

Talking Shop: A consumer sector podcast series

Expert insights for navigating the big trends and key issues redefining the global consumer sector. From rampant digitisation and supply chain reinvention to sustainability and geopolitical factors, the consumer sector is fast-evolving to meet the challenges – and opportunities – facing companies...
07 June 2023

UK Public M&A Monthly Activity Update: May 2023

In May 2023, there were four Rule 2.7 announcements made across the UK public M&A market and a further two possible offers announced.
06 June 2023

Social media and online safety: Australian Regulation spotlight

Online regulation has historically focused on more sinister corners of the internet, but with a rapidly evolving digital ecosphere, the Australian eSafety Commissioner has been increasing its regulatory presence and global tech companies have had to adapt.
06 June 2023

Emerging Tech Academy

Emerging technologies - from AI and the metaverse, to blockchain and digital assets - are reshaping business and society. But they are complex and come with an array of technical, legal, and other risks that must be navigated to thrive in this digital age.
06 June 2023

Tax Bites: Australian Tax Podcast Series

We explore the latest tax developments in Australia.
06 June 2023

Inside IR: The Australian Industrial Relations Podcast

Inside IR is a podcast series that delves into the industrial relations landscape in Australia.
02 June 2023

The Future of Consumer Series

Our Future of Consumer series explores the dramatic technological and social changes impacting retail-driven businesses
01 June 2023

UPC: Jurisdiction and opt-out

After the transitional period (of at least 7 years), as well as having exclusive jurisdiction over unitary patents, the UPC will have exclusive jurisdiction over all EPs designated to UPC participating EU Member States (unless these EPs have been opted out of its jurisdiction). The UPC will also...
01 June 2023


See our summary of who's currently in and who's out of the UP/UPC system below.
01 June 2023

The UPC Rules

The final version of the Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court (also available in French and German ) came into force on 1 September 2022. One of the most significant changes from earlier drafts was to opt-out procedures, as well as changes to restrict access to pleadings where previous...
01 June 2023

UPC Structure – local, regional and central divisions and Court of Appeal

The UPC will have a Court of First Instance (divided into local, regional and central divisions) and a Court of Appeal (Luxembourg). Cases will commence in any one of these divisions according to the subject matter and the prescribed division set out in the UPC Agreement and the UPC Rules .