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Legal Briefings | 17 February 2017

Data Breach Notification Laws reinforce emphasis on Cyber Security strategies

Companies across Australia must review their corporate governance and cyber security strategies to ensure they meet the increased regulatory burden following the introduction of a new mandatory data breach notification scheme.
Guides | 17 February 2017

Policyholder Insurance Highlights 2016

Our unique publication focuses on the key lessons for insurance policyholders from last year’s insurance cases.
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Competition and Antitrust

As it now seems unlikely the UK will stay in the EEA, we consider below the situation in which the UK leaves the EU and the EEA. This involves very significant changes to the current position. The UK exit from the EU will have limited impact as far as the EU antitrust rules are concerned (Article...
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Investment Funds

Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Contracts

Given that the exit from the EU will not entail any change in the currency of the UK, there are fewer issues about existing contracts than would be the case if a member of the Eurozone left the EU. However there are still a number of issues for contracting parties to address.
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Capital Markets

The current UK listing and prospectus regime is largely derived from the EU requirements set out in the Prospectus Directive, Transparency Directive and Market Abuse Regulation. Changes to the framework will depend on the extent to which HM Treasury and the FCA look to retain an equivalent regime...
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Corporate

Whilst the Companies Act 2006 and the raft of secondary legislation made under it have been heavily influenced by various European Directives (notably the Company Law Directives and Accounting Directives and the Shareholder Rights Directive), Brexit will have little immediate impact on company law...
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Telecoms and Media

Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Data protection

Data protection is currently regulated in the UK via the Data Protection Act 1998, being the UK implementation of the EU Data Protection Directive 1995. However, the data protection regulatory regime in Europe is in the process of being overhauled. A new European General Data Protection Regulation...
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Pensions

Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Disputes

As parties assess changes in the legal, economic and regulatory landscape caused by the UK exit, and the costs and other implications on their contractual relationships, they are more likely to consider the scope for avoiding contractual obligations, such as seeking to rely on a force majeure...
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Employment

The UK vote to leave the EU will lead to considerable uncertainty in the long term from an employment law perspective, because key areas of employment law are derived from EU legislation and so might fall away automatically, be abolished or be amended. It seems very likely, however, that they will...
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Energy regulation

The precise impact of the result of the referendum on the energy sector is unclear at this stage. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a wide range of possible outcomes from post-Brexit negotiations, leading to a number of regulatory and market options for the UK’s relationship with the EU.
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Environment

At least 50% of UK environmental law derives from the EU. It has driven improvements in environmental standards and some sectors welcome a degree of cross-EU regulation and its ability to establish a level playing field amongst competitors in the EU market. It is also an enabler of the EU clean...
Legal Briefings | 16 February 2017

Brexit: Financial services

The UK exit from the EU is likely to have a significant impact on the financial services sector in the UK. The nature and extent of that impact will depend on the model of EU-UK co-operation adopted as an alternative to EU membership and the nature of the UK’s access to EU markets after the UK’s...