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13 September 2018

UKademy 2018

The UK Collaborative Plan for Pro Bono is running the third annual UKademy Conference; run by pro bono professionals for pro bono professionals working in law firms. Anyone tasked with starting up, managing and/or leading pro bono work for their office or firm on a full or part time basis is...
15 August 2018

Getting the deal through: Mining 2018 (South Africa Chapter)

The mining industry has historically been a key driver of the South African economy. Economic activity in modern-day Soth Africa has been centered on mining activities, their ancillary services and supplies. The country's stock exchange in Johannesburg was established in 1887, a decade after the...
15 August 2018

Driving forward with connected and autonomous vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles ( CAVs ) will have a dramatic impact on the way we live and work. The technology is advancing rapidly and it no longer seems to be a question of 'if' but 'when'.
14 August 2018

Termination of contracts with an indefinite term: South African courts’ approach

The duration of a contract is often specified by an express provision, or it may be determined from the nature and purpose of the contract. However, there are cases when the duration is neither determined nor determinable. An indefinite term contract is a contract that does not set a time period...
08 August 2018

Brexit Legal Guide 2018

As business makes increasingly vocal calls for legal certainty we are pleased to launch this updated Brexit Legal Guide. The new online guide will be regularly updated as the legal impact of Brexit evolves.
01 August 2018

Key developments in Iran, August 2018

This update provides an overview of key developments which have occurred in Iran during the past month and highlights areas of future interest. In particular, the update covers notable developments in the political arena and key economic sectors.
01 August 2018

Indonesia’s foreign investment regime liberalised by new‎ OSS system

In its efforts to encourage and accelerate investment, the Indonesian government has issued a set of regulations reforming existing business licence regulations and establishing an online one-stop business licensing system known as Online Single Submission (“ OSS ”). We believe this represents a...
31 July 2018

Brexit 'The view from Brussels' – developments in July

On 12 July 2018 the UK government finally published its White Paper on the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union including a proposal for the establishment of an economic partnership between the UK and the EU. At the core of this proposal is the establishment of a...
30 July 2018

The Takeovers Panel’s new 4 month lock out rule

The Takeovers Panel has, following a public consultation process, articulated a new policy that, if a bidder makes a statement during a takeover bid to the effect that it will not increase its offer price, the bidder is prevented from announcing a new takeover bid at a higher price for 4 months...
30 July 2018

Finders keepers? The long-running Finders Resources takeover saga continues

The long-running Finders Resources saga, in which the application of the ASIC’s ‘truth in takeovers’ policy to shareholder intention statements has taken centre stage, is now the subject of a new review Panel decision in Finders Resources Limited 03R [2018] ATP 11.
30 July 2018


27 July 2018

INSIDE ARBITRATION: Spotlight on May Tai

May Tai is a Malaysian national who has spent her career in Herbert Smith Freehills' international arbitration practice, working on many of our largest, most complex cases. Since last year, she has also been the Managing Partner of our Greater China offices. We asked her to tell us about her...
27 July 2018

The temperature is rising on corporate crime in Australia Implications for company directors

Proposed corporate crime reforms will involve a sea change in director responsibility. Rather than directors reacting to issues that come to their attention like foreign bribery offences, it will be important for directors to take proactive steps to ensure such issues do not arise.
27 July 2018

Upheaval and uncertainty in mineral regulation in parts of Africa: Resurgence of resource nationalism highlights the importance of investment treaty protections

The last few months have seen significant changes to mining regulations in various African states, giving rise to a concern that a regional trend of resource nationalism may be (re-) emerging. In this context it is important for companies associated with the mining sector to be aware of the...
27 July 2018

A view from Seoul: How is arbitration viewed in Korea and how is it changing?

Over the past four decades, South Korea has experienced unprecedented growth, transitioning from a modest economy in the 1960s, to the world's 11th-largest economy and 6th-largest exporter today. As the number of Korean cross-border deals has increased, so has the number of cross-border disputes...