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18 September 2019

The long arm of regulation: responding to cross-border financial services investigations

Financial services firms conduct their business activities across markets and borders, often performing services and holding data in locations other than those in which they interact with their clients. Over a decade after the financial crisis, their regulators remain under sustained public and...
18 September 2019


Be it machine learning, natural language processing, augmented analytics or distributed ledger technology (aka blockchain), new technologies are revolutionising the way in which business is done in every industry. In order to leverage the benefits of these disruptive technologies, businesses are...
17 September 2019

Using Decision Analysis in settlement negotiations

Using Decision Analysis in settlement negotiations This is the latest in our series of discussions about how clients have used HSF's Decision Analysis models as part of their strategy for disputes management.
17 September 2019

CJEU refuses UK HC's request for preliminary ruling on SPC applications based on third-party MAs, on account of referred question being "hypothetical" (C-239/19 Eli Lilly v Genentech)

On 5 September 2019, the Ninth Chamber of the CJEU refused a request for referral in relation to the interpretation of Article 3(b) of Regulation (EC) No 469/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 May 2009 concerning the supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products...
12 September 2019

ACCC issues guidance on competition risks in IP transactions: Beware the inadvertent cartel

The ACCC has issued final Guidelines on how Australia’s competition laws will apply to intellectual property assignments and licences following the repeal of the ‘IP exemption’ from prohibitions on anti-competitive conduct which was contained in subsection 51(3) of the Competition and Consumer Act...
11 September 2019

Class Actions in Australia: Emerging Trends

There have been a range of developments in the class actions landscape over the past year. The Australian Law Reform Commission completed its review of class action proceedings and third party litigation funding, an appeal is pending in the High Court of Australia on common fund orders and the...
11 September 2019

Brexit Legal Guide 2019

With just weeks until the Brexit deadline, businesses must now do what they can to put their plans into practice and take any final steps to build resilience.
10 September 2019

Using Decision Analysis to evaluate a settlement offer

Using Decision Analysis to evaluate a settlement offer The HSF Decision Analysis team brings together highly numerate disputes lawyers to build decision tree models and help clients quantify, visualise and better understand legal risks in their disputes. This service has brought new insights to...
10 September 2019

'Mega-fines' and compensation – how might companies be affected? Developments in Data Protection Law September 2019

In this update, we provide you with a brief summary of two recent developments in relation to sanctions imposed under the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). Firstly, the Berlin Data Protection Authority ("Berlin DPA") recently announced its willingness to impose multimillion-euro fines...
10 September 2019

A National Hydrogen Strategy: Shaping possibilities for Australia’s hydrogen economy

Hydrogen is a hot topic in the global energy sector – and Australia could be a key player in the emerging international market. 1
06 September 2019

Classic cross-border cooperation: joint court hearings in the Halifax insolvency

On 22 August 2019, the Federal Court of Australia ( FCA ) held that it could make a request to the New Zealand High Court ( NZHC ) that there be a joint hearing of those courts in respect of applications relating to the pooling of various funds held by companies subject to Australian and New...
06 September 2019

FATF and APG publish long-awaited mutual evaluation report on Hong Kong

Following the Financial Action Task Force ( FATF ) and the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering’s inspection of Hong Kong in October and November 2018, their much anticipated Mutual Evaluation Report ( Report ) on Hong Kong was published on 4 September 2019. Our previous bulletin on 25 June 2019...
05 September 2019

Industry engagement essential to success of ‘gateway’ model for energy sector CDR

The ACCC’s selection of a ‘gateway’ model as the preferred data access model for implementation of the Consumer Data Right ( CDR ) in the energy sector is anticipated to align to the preferences of incumbent energy sector participants, but may not fully meet the expectations of potential new market...
04 September 2019

Madrid video updates: La liberalización del transporte ferroviario de pasajeros en España: Una gran oportunidad empresarial

04 September 2019

Maximising Privilege Protection under US and English Law

When learning of a potential criminal or regulatory issue – whether through receipt of an information request from the authorities or through an internal mechanism – a firm will usually conduct an internal investigation, whose purpose is to understand the scope of the issue, remediate the problem...