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卓律师于2006年加入本所的国际仲裁部,在本所的伦敦和巴黎办公室工作多年,其后于2011年调任香港办公室。他于多个司法管辖区中的仲裁审裁处,及根据主要制度规则(包括国际商会仲裁院(ICC)、伦敦国际仲裁院(LCIA)、香港国际仲裁中心(HKIAC)以及解决投资争端国际中心(ICSID))审理的案件中,担任律师及出庭代讼人。卓律师并为根据联合国国际贸易法委员会规则(UNCITRAL)和两国之间仲裁任择规则(Permanent Court of Arbitration Optional Rules for Arbitrating Disputes Between Two States)的临时仲裁中提供法律服务。卓律师他同时担任仲裁员。



  • 就马来西亚政府有关双边条约的诠释在常设仲裁院根据两国之间仲裁任择规则审理的仲裁提供法律服务。该仲裁的对手方为新加坡共和国,牵涉达12亿美元
  • 代表两家菲律宾能源公司于香港根据国际商会仲裁院(ICC)规则进行仲裁并取得胜诉,该案件涉及某美国能源公司违反合资协议和供应协议的指控
  • 就一家大型环球能源公司在一宗税务争议中提供法律服务,该争议与处置在东南亚的资产有关,包括可能对某主办国提出投资条款索赔及与某国有能源公司之间根据国际商会仲裁规则审理的仲裁
  • 就某国际金融服务集团拟于新加坡根据国际仲裁协会规则进行仲裁提供法律服务
  • 就某全球性投资银行拟根据伦敦国际仲裁院规则审理的仲裁提供法律服务,包括成功中止诉讼并在新加坡及纽约进行仲裁,该仲裁与涉嫌不当销售外汇期权有关
  • 就某菲律宾能源公司在新加坡根据国际商会规则审理的仲裁提供法律服务。该仲裁与地热发电厂有关


  • Arbitration in India: Narrowing the scope for judicial interference in offshore arbitration – a landmark judgment from the Indian Supreme Court(译:《印度的仲裁:从印度最高法院发出的历史性判决看收窄在离岸仲裁中的司法干预的范围》),刊登于Korean Arbitration Review (2012)
  • Confidentiality in International Arbitration - Does the exception prove the rule?(译:《国际仲裁的保密守则—例外情况有否证明这规则?》), 与Michael Young合撰,刊登于 ASA Bulletin (2009)
  • Multi-tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses: Enforcing Obligations to Negotiate in Good Faith(译:《多层争议解决条款:本着真诚执行谈判责任》),刊登于Journal of International Arbitration国际仲裁期刊(2010)
  • Escaping from a bad bargain: suspending, modifying or terminating performance of long-term energy contracts(译:《暂停、修改或终止履行长期能源合同—走出困局》),与with Chris Parker合撰,刊登于International Energy Law Review(2010)
  • New Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance comes into effect(译:《新香港仲裁条例正式执行》),与Justin D'Agostino 及 Ula Cartwright-Finch合撰,刊登于Australian ADR Reporter(2011)


Simon has worked in the Asia disputes team for over a decade, having previously been based in the firm's London and Paris offices.

He is dual-qualified in Hong Kong and England and Wales, with higher rights of audience in both jurisdictions. One of a small number of solicitors to have been appointed Queen's Counsel (now King's Counsel) in England & Wales, Simon has appeared as advocate before the High Court, Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong and advises regularly on challenges to arbitral awards in other jurisdictions, notably Singapore and England & Wales.


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