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Fleur Kitchingman

Fleur Kitchingman

Head of Client and Technology Solutions

Fleur is our Head of Client and Technology Solutions based in London.



Fleur plays a key role in developing and implementing client solutions for HSF’s Alternative Legal Services practice group.

Fleur is passionate about designing and implementing solutions for in-house legal teams, be it for bespoke projects or “business-as-usual" support. 

Applying her industry knowledge, she assists  clients by working with them directly to achieve their goals in a way, which un-locks value for their business.

Fleur’s background, as General Counsel, and her experience working in-house around the world, provides her with first-hand knowledge of the challenges of working in-house, running a legal department and demonstrating real value to a business.  

Fleur has a proven track record of developing new and smarter ways of working to effectively manage risk in a changing world.  

Fleur brings a wealth of experience to our Global Solutions Squad, to ensure that our Alternative Legal Services business develops products and solutions, both with and for our clients, that put our clients at the very heart of what we do.


Fleur has significant experience working in corporate in-house legal departments in the UK, Middle East and North America, including four years as a General Counsel of an infrastructure business based in North America.