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Driving progress

Achieving optimum performance through efficient financing, operational excellence and technological innovation are an increasing focus for the road industry. 

Improved efficiencies can lead not only to cost savings but also increased usage and extended asset life. With road usage continuing to rise, public and private owners are seeking new sources of capital to keep up with demand. 

Regulatory change and reform also presents a key business challenge, whilst tackling climate change and the impact of CO2 emissions requires wider consideration of the sustainability impacts of the development and delivery of roads.

For each transaction we provide a customised multi-disciplinary team of leading road specialists and regional experts to ensure our clients’ projects are successful. Our team is at the forefront of developing the legal aspects of public private partnership (PPP) projects, establishing and implementing government policy, contributing to legal and industry developments, project evaluation and delivery of infrastructure, road-related technology projects and dispute resolution.

This experience gives us a unique insight and understanding to develop innovative solutions, effective delivery models, market-led proposals (unsolicited bids) and M&A transactions, whilst always meeting our clients’ objectives.

"They're technically excellent, strategic and practical."  – Chambers and Partners 2016

Recent Experience

Transurban Group

Advising on the implementation of the A$1 billion M1 upgrade in Melbourne and A$550 million M2 widening in Sydney -these are the two largest enhancements of privately owned toll roads in Australia

NorthConnex Motorway

Advised Transurban, QIC Private Capital Pty Ltd (on behalf of its managed clients) and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (the Project Sponsors) on a A$2.9 billion project to design, build, operate and maintain the NorthConnex motorway in NSW

D4/R7 Bratislava Ring Road PPP

Advising the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) on its financing of the D4/R7 motorway in Slovakia

Kutuzovsky Northern Bypass - the first toll road concession in Moscow

Advising the Moscow Government on the construction and operation of Kutuzovskiy avenue bypass

National Roads Telecommunications Service

Advising the Highways Agency/Highways England on the procurement of the first and second generation contractors to provide the National Roads Telecommunications Service, which supports the collection and dissemination of traffic data and the move to "smart motorways"

Western High Speed Diameter PPP toll road in St Petersburg

Advising the Government of St Petersburg on the WHSD (Western high speed diameter) PPP project involving the construction of the WHSD toll road in St Petersburg

Insights and updates

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