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Pricing And Analytics

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Now more than ever it is vital that we demonstrate that we are providing value for money. Our Pricing experts partner with clients and our lawyers to achieve optimal pricing and commercial arrangements that work for everyone, using a variety of innovative and bespoke solutions. We explore different ways of leveraging our data to support decisions on pricing and legal risks.


HSF Jigsaw is our in-house pricing tool, which combines historical data with machine learning technology to predict how much effort a new dispute is likely to take to resolve and how much that might cost. This enables us to provide clients with insights on what it will take to deliver their dispute to an effective resolution which are supported by data analytics.

Our Decision Analysis service is industry-leading in dispute resolution.  During the course of a dispute, parties will have to make decisions with potentially significant financial consequences. The Decision Analysis service combines the legal team’s analysis with an evaluation of probabilities to help clients quantify the risks inherent in a dispute and make informed, commercial decisions. Our specialist software summarises complex scenarios with multiple variables succinctly. The financial consequences of the advice is visually represented and better understood, which improves the process of decision making.

Please click here to view a short video Decision Analysis Tool

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