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Legal Process Design

Legal is changing

We know that our clients are facing increased pressure on resources and need to simplify and streamline ways of working. Our Legal Process Design experts facilitate the design of smarter, leaner process solutions in the way legal services are managed.

Through legal process design workshops, we collaboratively explore the most effective way of delivering a particular project or work-type, with a strong focus on efficiency and user experience. Typically this involves:

  • exploration of pain points and priorities;
  • distillation of complex workloads into simple, visual roadmaps;
  • bringing teams together around common objectives, and ensuring that people are empowered to focus on those objectives; and
  • making tailored recommendations (including as to automation and technology) which align with strategic priorities and deliver value to the business.

To do this, our team draws on a number of established process and design methodologies, such as Lean, Design Thinking and Futures Design.

We can also work with you to consider strategic business challenges you are facing and how you might approach these, test ideas around your own innovation and transformation agenda, and support your decision making. 

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