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Fintech: Latest UK Legal and Regulatory Trends

13 April 2021 | UK

We’re known in this country not just for our openness – but our ingenuity and inventiveness, too. We are building on our existing strengths as a leading global destination to start, grow and invest in Fintech.


A lot has happened since Rishi Sunak delivered these words six months ago, but the sentiment behind them remains as strong as ever. As it finally starts to emerge from Brexit, the UK is seeking to capitalise on its new-found freedom. Covid-19 continues to act as a catalyst for the rapid development of innovative financial solutions. And the UK remains one of the most receptive markets for Fintech – with record levels of investment and a consumer adoption rate that exceeds the global average.

So far, so good. But while the longer-term horizon will be dominated by the UK’s reform agenda – exemplified by the recent publication of the Kalifa Review – there will be no shortage of more immediate issues to consider.

This briefing highlights some current key trends for Fintech. It will be of interest to anyone involved in Fintech in its broadest sense – including Fintech providers (scale-up and incumbents) as well as those looking to invest or make acquisitions in the Fintech sector.

The fact that the list of trends could have been much longer – covering everything from the impact of ESG through to the lessons arising from the GameStop saga – shows just how much is happening in this area.

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stats: £11bn value of fintech UK economy. 37 number of “Fintech 50” firms headquartered in London. 71% UK Fintech adoption rate, compared to a global average of 64%.

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