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Brexit Podcast



As business makes increasingly vocal calls for legal certainty, businesses have no choice but to make plans and will face tough calls on when to put them into practice. On the new Herbert Smith Freehills Podcast channel, our experts continue to analyse, assess and address, the issues that businesses face and the responses they may need to make.

Tune in to our podcasts as our experts discuss the current state of play on the Brexit process.

Latest episode

Episode 18:The implications of Brexit for choice of law, jurisdiction & enforcement of judgments (Anna Pertoldi and Maura McIntosh) – 2 March 2020

Full podcast series

Episode 1

English governing law and jurisdiction clauses after Brexit (Anna Pertoldi, Maura McIntosh, Tom Henderson) - 4 September 2018

Episode 2

Perspectives from Asia (Part 1): Background to Brexit and current status (Lewis McDonald, Christopher Hunt, Joseph Fisher, Michael McErlaine) - 28 September 2018

Episode 3

Perspectives from Asia (Part 2): What might a "no-deal" Brexit look like? (Lewis McDonald, Christopher Hunt, Joseph Fisher, Michael McErlaine) - 28 September 2018

Episode 4

Perspectives From Asia: Practical steps to consider to prepare for a "no-deal" Brexit scenario (Lewis McDonald, Christopher Hunt, Joseph Fisher, Michael McErlaine) - 1 October 2018

Episode 5

Dispute resolution between the EU and the UK: How will obligations be enforced? (Andrew Cannon, Hannah Ambrose) - 15 October 2018

Episode 6

The impact on existing and future contracts (Paul Butcher, Julie Farley and Tom Henderson) - 22 October 2018

Episode 7

Will Brexit allow parties to bring their contracts to an end? (Maura McIntosh, Julie Farley and Tom Henderson) - 23 October 2018

Episode 8

Perspectives from Asia (Part 4): Interview with the British Embassy in Tokyo (Christopher Hunt and Chris Heffer) - 28 October 2018

Episode 9

Perspectives from Asia (Part 5): The view from the UK (Christopher Hunt, Gavin Williams, Michael McErlaine) - 29 October 2018

Episode 10

months to Brexit: Hanbury Strategy and the Institute of Directors (Tom Henderson, Ameet Gill, Partner at Hanbury Strategy and Allie Renison, Head of Europe and Trade Policy, Institute of Directors) - 1 November 2018

Episode 11

Group structures and potential loss of limited liability status (the 'real seat' principle) (Sarah Hawes, Antonia Kirkby and Christoph Nawroth) - 22 November 2018

Episode 12

Perspectives from Asia (Part 6): Draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration (Christopher Hunt and Michael McErlaine) – 3 December 2018

Episode 13

Perspectives from Asia (Part 7): What next following Parliament's rejection of the draft Withdrawal Agreement? (Christopher Hunt and Michael McErlaine) - 30 January 2019

Episode 14

One month to Brexit: Former senior aide to Number 10 in conversation (Paul Butcher and Alex Dawson) - 6 March 2019

Episode 15

Daniel Finkelstein in conversation – Brexit struggles and options ahead (Paul Butcher and Daniel Finkelstein) - 29 March 2019


Episode 16

Equivalence – a Brexit market access solution? (Katherine Dillon, Emma Reid, Patricia Horton and Kimberly Everitt) – 20 January 2020


Episode 17

Brexit and Reform of UK public procurement regime (Tim Briggs and Adrian Brown) – 20 January 2020


Episode 18

The implications of Brexit for choice of law, jurisdiction & enforcement of judgments (Anna Pertoldi and Maura McIntosh) – 2 March 2020


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