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ESG, Sustainability and Responsible Business

Building a resilient future


Successfully managing the risks and opportunities stemming from environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues may hold the key to unlocking business value and protecting future resilience.

We can help you navigate this complex landscape through our holistic approach to ESG considerations, combining in-depth knowledge of global political trends and the myriad of international and national laws, with wide-ranging sector expertise. 

Our expertise spans a variety of areas, including business and human rights, climate change-related litigation, green and sustainable finance, impact investment, reporting and disclosures, corporate governance, the development of ESG-related legislation, due diligence and the M&A process and ESG issues relating to funds and asset management.

Our experience is broad, from advising clients looking to issue bonds to fund the development of renewable energy projects or raising debt that satisfies issuers’ environmental policies and investors’ ESG mandates, to helping our clients get in front of new risks and to ensure that their compliance and diligence places them ahead of the pack in securing finance for new projects, managing operational and/or litigation risks, retaining high calibre employees and attracting like-minded investors.








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It is common in professional services to find great significance in emerging trends and legislation. But while brewing financial storms and regulatory squalls can seem dramatic to advisers acutely focused on narrow areas, for clients consumed with the daily risks and rewards of business, prophecies of impending doom or bountiful opportunity can sound like noise to be largely discounted, if not ignored. The difference with the topic at the heart of this report – environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors – is that even the most cursory glance at the converging forces powering its ascent make it clear the scale of the challenge for once lives entirely up to billing.

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Unlocking ESG investment in Australia

Today’s investors, consumers and employees expect companies to take the lead on ESG initiatives – requiring sharp focus on the investments required to hit targets set by Australia and its corporate citizens.

Corporate Australia has demonstrated it is up for the challenge – but where are the investment needs most urgent?

To find out, we conducted an extensive survey of more than 100 business leaders, gathering insights on the size and shape of the investment challenges and opportunities.

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Insights and updates

1st August 2023
Following the release of the International Sustainability Standards Board’s ( ISSB ) sustainability standards (...
21st July 2023
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( ACCC ) has released draft guidance on environmental...
11th July 2023
The standards of all sustainability standards landed on 26 June 2023.
30th June 2023
The climate plans and carbon commitments made by the technology industry’s biggest players are likely...

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