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14 June 2022

Demystifying Australia's recent Security of Critical Infrastructure Act reforms

The recent amendments to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (“the Act’”) constitute some of the most significant cybersecurity reforms in Australia’s history.
14 June 2022

Fourth edition of Herbert Smith Freehills UK Code Companion

We have this week published the fourth edition of the "Herbert Smith Freehills Code Companion", which is an index designed to assist UK M&A practitioners when considering Takeover Code issues.
14 June 2022

Financing net zero cities – The case for smart legal solutions

Urban centres need new funding models to be in the vanguard of the battle against climate change
13 June 2022


The Office for Environmental Protection has called for bold targets and a clear accountability as the UK government's mulls update of 25 year Environment Plan for England.
10 June 2022


Sustainable securitisation is gathering pace. According to S&P Global Ratings, last year saw over €4 billion in green and social securitisation issuance in Europe. Key players in this market include Dutch mortgage lender Obvion and specialist UK lender Kensington Mortgages.
10 June 2022

A tale of two markets: regulatory divergence between the EU and UK securitisation frameworks

The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016 and then officially ceased to be an EU Member State on 31 December 2020. Nearly five years later, the long drawn-out process of Brexit has still not come to an end, as the UK and EU continue to clash over borders and trade issues. For the...
09 June 2022

Global LIBOR - Legislative Solutions Article

09 June 2022

How the OEP fits into the environmental governance jigsaw

This article was first published in Environmental Law & Management ( ) The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) was created by the Environment Act 2021 ("the Act") to replace the role of the European Commission in overseeing implementation of EU environmental law by the UK...
08 June 2022


The Spanish market for secured non-performing loans (NPLs) is one of the largest and most active markets in Europe and Spain remains a preferred jurisdiction for international investors. Although for a number of years most portfolio disposals have been structured as a direct sale of secured NPLs,...
08 June 2022

Guarantees in supply chain finance: to be or not to be securitisation…

06 June 2022

Corporate Governance snapshot: UK Government response on audit reform

In May 2022, the UK government published the response to its March 2021 consultation paper, Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance . It confirms that the government intends to take forward many of the reforms proposed in the consultation, in some cases in a modified form.
03 June 2022

Reductions in interest on back taxes and tax refunds in Germany – Benefitting your business?

We analyse the impact as Germany slashes interest owed on outstanding tax payments
02 June 2022

Ensure Smooth Sailing: Seeking a Subpoena in support of Arbitration

A recent decision of the Federal Court of Australia sheds light on how to effectively seek a subpoena from a court in support of arbitration proceedings.
01 June 2022

Managing market volatility in the context of scrip consideration

In Australia, market volatility has been a theme of 2022 and one many expect to continue to be relevant in the immediate future. We analyse how market participants can address this volatility in the context of deals with a scrip consideration component.
01 June 2022

Shareholder activism in Australia: Back bigger and bolder as ESG and transactional activism look to converge

Following a pandemic dip, shareholder activism is back. And it’s bigger and bolder than ever, as the ESG activism corporate Australia has grown accustomed to looks like converging with transactional activism.