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Views on an evolving automotive industry - Government support and incentives

21 December 2020 | Insight
Legal Briefings – By Roddy Martin, Nanda Lau and Paul Hartley

In the latest in our series on the evolving auto sector, we assess the challenges for car-makers in balancing electrification with the aftermath of Covid-19.

Through our series of articles, "Views on an evolving automotive industry", we will look at some of the legal, regulatory and compliance issues that arise from or have been magnified by these unprecedented changes.

In this third article of the series, Roddy Martin, Nanda Lau and Paul Hartley look at the tensions OEMs are facing in balancing their drive towards electrification with the immediate industry impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular they look at the likely significance of increased governmental support and incentive schemes in enabling OEMs to strike such balance and the form such incentives are taking as compared against available incentives in China and those introduced following the 2008 global financial crisis.

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