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Legal Automation And Technology

Legal is changing


Technology plays an increasingly vital role in legal service delivery.

Leveraging the cross-functional capabilities of the firm, Legal Operations comes together with ALT, our Digital Law Group and our lawyers to explore and leverage technology that enhances and accelerates the quality of our legal services, and we share these ideas with our clients for the benefit of their businesses.

Legal Automation

Our Legal Automation experts work with our lawyers to identify opportunities where automation can help to solve problems and add value.

This encompasses support along the entire automation process – from analysing documents and processes and making recommendations as to what should be automated, through to building automated solutions and embedding new ways of working.

We also work with our clients on their own automation journeys, providing support and consultation on the types of documents and processes to target for automation, recommended governance frameworks and associated processes and communication and change management strategies.

Legal Apps

There is a growing interest within our clients to capture knowledge and convert it into useful apps so that others can access that same knowledge, and self-serve.

The apps that we are building replicate the thinking and actions of experts, such as lawyers, who assess situations, reach conclusions, and provide customised guidance.

Our legal apps will ask users questions, gather additional data from other sources, apply reasoning and execute actions to:

  • ‘triage’, by collecting legally important information from a user and sending it to the right resource for processing;
  • educate a user on the law or its application, to lower the input required from a lawyer;
  • help a user to reach a legal conclusion relevant to legislation or regulations; or
  • help a user undertake a legal task by instructing them how to do it in real time.

Innovation and Technology

We engage with clients and our lawyers to encourage and facilitate new service or product ideas, develop and test innovations, and mutually benefit from lessons learned. This includes:

  • building innovation and creative skills development sessions into all of our continuous training;
  • use of emerging technologies such as AI, to enhance cost effectiveness; and
  • strategic use of cloud services and related technologies to increase transparency, accessibility and efficiency.

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