The Energy Trilemma

04 March 2022 | Insight
Legal Briefings – By Gavin Williams and Silke Goldberg

Supply security, climate change goals and affordability. 

In this keynote interview  Gavin Williams and Silke Goldberg discuss how infrastructure has a key role to play in delivering a secure, affordable and sustainable energy future.

Download the feature to gain answers to questions such as…

  • What do you see as the role of infrastructure when it comes to achieving net zero?
  • What are those opportunities – or responsibilities – when it comes to the power sector?
  • How is the mission to reach net zero impacting transactions?
  • What are the challenges involved in upgrading networks?
  • As well as creating demand for new forms of infrastructure, climate change is catalysing investment in existing assets. What is the interplay between those two dynamics?


“Infrastructure is critical for the decarbonisation of transport and of industry"


“Entire systems... that have been in place since the steam train and internal combustion engine came along, now have to be reinvented”



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This article was first published in Infrastructure Investor Annual Review, March 2022.