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Byron Turner


Byron is a Solicitor in the Sydney Intellectual Property Disputes team.



Byron has advised clients on trade mark, patent and copyright disputes in the Federal Court and has experience advising on the Australian proceedings of multijurisdictional IP disputes. He also advises clients on consumer law issues, including greenwashing, as well as legal issues arising from new technologies such as digital assets. Byron is also a member of the firm’s global High Tech Patent group, the global Digital Law Group, and was a recipient of the HSF Digital Scholar Fellowship (2021), reflecting his interest and skills in the high tech field.

Byron has advised/acted for:

  • a multinational company in relation to patent infringement proceedings in Australia against three competing manufacturers of high-performance solar cells and modules
  • a multinational company in a review of its operations against a competitor’s patented mining technology
  • a multinational company in a dispute concerning patented gaming technology
  • a government body in an enforcement action for misleading and deceptive conduct arising out of the unauthorised creation of digital assets



Byron has both a law degree and a mathematics degree from the University of Wollongong (2019). In his mathematics degree, Byron majored in risk management and insurance, as well as applied statistics.

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