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As businesses undergo significant digital transformation, contracts and the legal industry need to evolve and digitise to connect to our clients’ data rich world. The Digital Law Group combines legal and digital skills to help drive law into the digital age.

Emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the way that individuals, businesses and governments interact. Autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain technology are transforming all industries and sectors and creating opportunities for new ones.

The evolution of law through the introduction of digital contracts, digital legislation and other technological connectivity presents a significant opportunity to boost productivity and deliver economic gains by enabling industry and government to streamline, automate and connect aspects of contractual operations, delivering better services in a real-time, secure, and efficient way.

At the cutting edge of this digital transformation, we have established the Digital Law Group – a group of specialist lawyers providing legal, strategic and practical advice to our clients in relation to their biggest and most important digitalisation projects.

Comprising a permanent team of experienced lawyers, and supported by a rotating cohort from across the firm, the Digital Law Group works hand-in-hand with our market-leading TMT practice, other practice groups and our Alternative Legal Services (ALT) team as well as our legal operations, legal process design, innovation and technology experts.

Smart legal contracts

One of the key initial focuses of the Digital Law Group is smart legal contracts – legally binding, digital contracts or agreements in which part or all of the agreements are intended to execute as algorithmic instructions.

This added functionality enables contractual terms to be digitally connected to real world business activities to monitor, record, trigger and automate contractual processes in real time and provide parties with a shared view of the contractual state of play.

Smart legal contracts will have the capacity to maintain and enhance the legal protections attached to a digitised or automated transaction or process, and thereby increase the benefits of shared, multi-party digital activity and automation.


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