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With the worldwide population expected to hit 9 billion by 2040 and urbanisation rates projected to be 63% in the same time frame, global energy demand will continue to grow with continued demand for electrification driven predominantly by the growing economic prosperity of non-OECD nations.

The combination of increasing global demand with the pace of change in clean energy technologies to mitigate the effects of climate change has led to a dynamic environment, with frequent changes in legal and regulatory regimes arising from domestic, regional and global policy making.

Our clients need us to be true industry experts, with a deep rooted understanding of the sector's complexities and country specific issues, as well as the implications of global trends. We work with governments, regulators and operators at the forefront of industry developments across this evolving landscape to help them achieve their objectives.

Recent Experience

Aquind Limited

Advising in relation to the development of  a 2000MW UK - France Interconnector 


Advising in relation to the development and project financing of the 299MW Spalding OCGT power station; the first large-scale gas-fired plant benefiting from a capacity market agreement to be project financed


Advising in relation to the acquisition of Dudgeon OFTO and other OFTO bids during rounds 4 and 5


Advising in relation to the UK Capacity Market regime, including compliance, transfer provisions, challenges to Ofgem and BEIS and the consequences of the 2018 suspension

Insights and updates

3rd March 2023
The comprehensive reform package will prove significant for plants powered by renewable sources
18th November 2021
‘Cyber-ransoms’ are on the rise, and with new cyber tactics and ways of working, the...
16th November 2021
Victorian statute imposes a Fire Services Levy, which requires the calculation of the capital improved...
18th May 2021
We explore how energy storage is key for intergrating renewables into the grid - even...

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