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Manufacturing and Industrials

Helping you achieve growth and environmental value


Growth is the number one challenge for manufacturing and industrials businesses, whether through M&A activity or organically through improving volume, reducing costs and monetising R&D innovations. 

We also recognise that businesses in this sector face an increasing compliance burden, in particular around environmental standards and workplace safety, with both legal and reputational consequences if the regulatory requirements are not properly navigated. Further, technology advances and cost pressures have ongoing implications for staffing requirements and associated industrial relations challenges. The changing nature of the market is exacerbated by the disruption and opportunities likely to arise from Brexit.  

Our sector specialists understand these challenges and provide a full service across all key areas, including corporate and M&A, employment and pensions, environmental, real estate and planning, trade law, intellectual property, IT, and competition and regulation.

Acting for many of the world’s leading manufacturing and industrial organisations we are perfectly placed to help you succeed in the ever changing market conditions. 

Will the free movement of workers into the UK impact the Manufacturing and Industrials sector?
Stephen Wilkinson shares his views on the challenges that may arise in the Manufacturing and Industrials sector and how businesses should navigate the challenges presented by Brexit.