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14 September 2021

Financial Services Litigation 2021

Financial Services Litigation charts the growth of litigation in the financial sector worldwide, with our expert authors answering key questions in major jurisdictions.
14 September 2021

Marketing a product as an “alternative” is no answer to trade mark infringement

The Full Court of the Federal Court has found that marketing a product as an “alternative” to a trade-marked brand is no answer to a claim of infringing use as a trade mark. In Allergan Australia Pty Ltd v Self Care IP Holdings Pty Ltd , 1 Justices Jagot, Lee and Thawley took a broad view of trade...
13 September 2021

Loss & damage – Why getting nations to pick up the bill for climate change is tough

Expecting rich nations to pay for 'loss and damage' of unavoidable climate change impact is fine in theory but torturous in practice.
13 September 2021

Carbon Market Mechanisms and COP26

13 September 2021


In August 2021, the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment report confirmed that human influence has undoubtedly warmed the climate system and raised the global surface temperature. The report, which is supported by the physical science of climate change, also confirmed that some changes which already affecting...
13 September 2021

COP26 – The Australian Government's preparation to date

Australia is a confirmed attendee of COP26. To date, Australia has developed and implemented a series of climate change-related policies which focus on a transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable technologies.
13 September 2021

COP26 – China's preparation to date

China is the world's number one greenhouse gases ( GHGs ) emitter and plays a major role in global climate change mitigation. With the notion of "ecological civilisation" being included in the overall planning of the country 1 , and "green" development as one of the key principles for development 2...
13 September 2021

COP26 – Trends in Latin America

From the glaciers of the Andes to the oceans on both sides of the continent, Latin America is home to a vast array of eco-diversity that is particularly vulnerable to the negative impact of climate change. Each Latin American country faces its own challenges, and hence there is no unified Latin...
13 September 2021

COP26 – The UK Government's preparation to date

The UK is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference ( COP26 ) in Glasgow in November 2021 in partnership with Italy.
13 September 2021

COP26 – Trends in the US

Introduction The January 2021 inauguration of Democrat Joseph Biden as president and the installment of Democratic party majorities in both houses of Congress has pushed climate change back into the spotlight as a matter of national political prominence. President Biden has promised to take a “...
13 September 2021


European Union aims for COP26 The European Union ( EU ) has made it clear that it aims to translate ambition into action at COP26. One aspect of this will be encouraging major emitters to submit their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement (for more information on Nationally...
13 September 2021

Guide to Private Wealth in Asia: Fifth Edition

The fifth edition of the Herbert Smith Freehills Guide to Private Wealth in Asia provides clients, business people, lawyers and other advisors with concise information on trusts, estates, probate and mental capacity issues to assist them in mitigating risks and understanding the changing legal...
13 September 2021

"Tómate un café con…": Conoce a Paulino Fajardo a través de esta nueva iniciativa de AGERS

Paulino Fajardo es entrevistado por Juan Ignacio Sánchez Rojo, Team Leader-Risk Engineering en El Corte Inglés Seguros. En esta charla informal, Paulino repasa su trayectoria profesional y nos acerca un poco a su lado más personal, a su faceta como docente, sus aficiones, etc. Esta entrevista forma...
13 September 2021

COP26 - Nationally Determined Contributions

As the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference ( COP26 or the Conference ) draws near, the spotlight on international efforts to tackle climate change intensifies. COP26 is an important Conference for many reasons, one of which is that it will be the first Conference at which new and/or...
13 September 2021

COP26 - Nature based solutions