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09 June 2021

Launch event: Law Commission review of the law relating to corporate criminal liability

On 9 June 2021 at 4.30pm, our Corporate Crime and Investigations team will be hosting an event where the Law Commission will launch its review of the law relating to corporate criminal liability in England and Wales.
14 May 2021

Emma and Rebekah Talk IP series: Unravelling the issues

In this podcast series, Australian partners Rebekah Gay and Emma Iles explore a variety of topics, issues and areas of intellectual property law.
13 May 2021

Part 26A restructuring plans - most significant change in 20 years

In what is likely to be the most significant change to the UK restructuring and insolvency market since the Enterprise Act 2002, the Court has yesterday 1 paved the way for restructuring plans under Part 26A to the Companies Act 2006 ("RPs") to be used to compromise the rights of landlords,...
13 May 2021

‘Going back to work, but not back to the way we worked’ – Winding up WFH will remain TBC for a while yet

Confusion and tricky calls await employers hoping to return to the office in 2021.
12 May 2021

Surprise licensing exemption developments for foreign financial service providers (FFSPs)

12 May 2021

CO2 Preis bleibt hälftig beim Vermieter

Der Grundsatz, dass verbrauchsabhängige Nebenkosten auf den Mieter vollständig umgelegt werden können, gerät ins Wanken. Am 12. Mai 2021 hat das Bundeskabinett beschlossen, dass der seit 1. Januar 2021 geltende CO2 Preis hälftig zwischen Vermietern und Mietern geteilt werden soll.
11 May 2021

EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan takes shape with proposal for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and first Taxonomy Delegated Acts

On 21 April 2021 the European Commission took another step towards implementing the Green Deal and the Sustainable Finance Action Plan by adopting a package of measures, including a proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the first Climate Delegated Act under the...
11 May 2021

Routes and obstacles to a second Scottish independence referendum

At the time, the 2014 referendum was seen as a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to settle the question: “ Should Scotland be an independent country”. The No-vote won by 55% to 45%. However, following the results of the Scottish Parliament election on 6 May, the debate around a second referendum...
11 May 2021

National Security and Investment Act 2021: Application of the New UK National Security and Investment Regime to Lending Arrangements

On 29 April 2021 the National Security and Investment (NSI) Bill received Royal Assent. The NSI Act 2021 introduces significant legislative reforms which will overhaul the ability of the UK Government to review transactions on national security grounds, and potentially prohibit their completion or...
10 May 2021

Copyright owners “Don’t have to take it”: Federal Court of Australia awards substantial remedy for copyright infringement, plus double damages for flagrancy

The Federal Court’s recent decision in Universal Music v Palmer , in which Mr Palmer was ordered to pay AU$1.5 million for his unauthorised use of the song We’re Not Gonna Take It , reaffirms that the Court is prepared to award significant financial remedies to intellectual property owners whose...
10 May 2021

Hydrogen and Africa

As part of the energy transition, clean hydrogen has emerged as a critical tool in decarbonising our economies. In this article, we discuss the hype around hydrogen, provide a quick recap of hydrogen technology and explore reasons why the African continent is well placed to leverage the...
10 May 2021

London International Disputes Week 2021

London International Disputes Week 2021 (LIDW21) comes at a significant period for the UK legal sector, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, post-Brexit and amid an uncertain global political environment.
07 May 2021

The Future of Packaging Waste in the UK: Government Outlines Framework for Extended Producer Responsibility

The UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) launched a second consultation on the introduction of UK-wide Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging (deadline to submit responses is 4 June 2021 ). The proposals provide further information on Government's plans to...
05 May 2021

Corporate Debt and Treasury Report 2021

Corporate Treasury Proves Resilient to COVID-19 Challenges and ESG Rises Up The Corporate Agenda For the seventh consecutive year, our Corporate Debt team has surveyed and interviewed treasurers and other senior finance professionals over 100 large UK listed corporates (and equivalents) for our...
05 May 2021

The Future of Consumer – 2021 APAC predictions

2020 presented a number of significant challenges with Covid-19 accelerating some of the existing trends in the consumer sector – and we expect to see these issues driving some real turning points in 2021, as our Asia-Pacific Consumer team will explore in this series. Trust continues to be a major...