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Women in tech - A video series


This monthly interview series features fireside chats with leading female figures in the global technology sector 

This month Kristin Stammer spoke with Beck Barnett, General Counsel - Digital and Technology at Seven West Media, one of Australia’s leading media organisations. Beck discusses the progress in relation to gender inclusivity in the tech sector and opportunities to play a role and achieve change, including the importance of AI in reflecting gender diversity.  


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This month Fatema Fathnezhad, Group VP Legal at Virgin Mobile (Middle East & Africa) was interviewed by Janine Mallis, providing her views on the importance of mentorship, equal opportunities and a flexible and open culture in the workplace. She also discusses the conflicting challenges that many women face in the industry and the importance of having good role models and a network of both female and male allies.


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This month, Dana Kim has invited Kum Sun Kim, corporate attorney at Microsoft Korea who shares her views on how we can utilize the power of technology for women's career progression in today's environment and the importance of allyship to encourage solidarity between women. 



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This month Yana Ivanova has invited one of the prominent figures in the Russian technology sector – Anna Serebryanikova President of the Russian Big Data Association to discuss her opinions on what challenges women face, the opportunities provided, and how women manage complexity in the tech industry today especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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In this monthly interview series we host a virtual fireside chat with a leading female figure in the technology sector to discuss their personal experience of working in the industry and their take on current opportunities and potential challenges. This month Alexandra Neri has had the pleasure of speaking with Maria Gomri who shares her views on steps taken to support the growth of women within the industry and how one can flourish in today's environment.


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