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The hasty implementation and ever-expanding scope of many country-specific sanctions regimes continue to raise a myriad of urgent issues for corporates and financial institutions.

This includes understanding the sanctions' jurisdictional scope and impact, including matters such as the effect of asset freezing measures, part-ownership by sanctioned persons, licensing issues, the interpretation of sectoral sanctions and the force majeure, frustration and termination issues affecting contracts with sanctioned counterparties.

We have been heavily involved in advising both financial sector and corporate clients with operations in sanctioned jurisdictions on these and related issues, and in making licence applications to relevant authorities.

Our world-class corporate crime team spans over 26 offices across the globe, advising on both the financial and trade sanctions imposed by key agencies and on sanctions compliance programmes.



We can help you with a full range of advice in respect of UN, EU, UK, Australian, Russian and US regimes involving, amongst others, the sanctions imposed in relation to Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia/Ukraine, Cuba, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

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Recent Experience

A number of banks

Advising a number of banks on sanctions compliance policies and procedures and their approach to screening in light of FCA expectations and the JMLSG guidance, and assisting with preparing for supervisory and thematic visits

EU subsidiary of a Russian financial services company

 Advising in relation to possible exposure under EU sanctions laws in connection with entry into the Iranian market

a FTSE 100 company

Advising in relation to the preparation and updating of sanctions summaries on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis by way of guidance for staff, covering the UK, EU and US regimes

global energy major

Advising on Iranian sanctions issues in respect of a major offshore JV subject to specific derogations from US and EU sanctions regimes

a syndicate of lenders

Advising on sanctions issues arising in connection with the project financing of one of the biggest energy infrastructure projects in the world across EU and non-EU jurisdictions

a global oil and gas company

Advising in relation to possible routes to challenge EU and US sanctions

Insights and updates

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1st March 2022
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