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Social Infrastructure

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Social infrastructure plays an important role in both the economic development of a nation and the development of society’s quality of life. Social infrastructure enhances social wellbeing and furthers economic growth by providing basic services and facilities which allow businesses to develop and flourish. 

With the expansion of globalisation and population growth, communities investment in social infrastructure is akin to an investment in the country’s economy.

We understand that the successful delivery of complex social projects is critical not only for immediate stakeholders and industries reliant on that infrastructure, but also for our broader community.

Whether it be health, education, penal facilities or sporting facilities– for each transaction we provide a customised multi-disciplinary team of leading specialists and regional experts to ensure our clients’ projects are successful. Our experts have a profound understanding of the market, allowing us to develop solutions to intricate delivery models such as public private partnerships (PPPs) and market led proposals. We advise our clients throughout a project’s lifecycle, including the construction and financing of social infrastructure projects, related technology projects, M&A transactions and dispute resolution.

We have worked on some of the most complex and innovative projects to deliver efficient community infrastructure. 

Recent Experience

Northern Beaches Hospital Project

Acted as legal adviser to the NSW Government focussing on the health services, delivery and operating term components for the procurement of the Northern Beaches Hospital - the first greenfield hospital in Sydney for more than twenty years


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