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18 June 2020

Future Cities Series: Prioritising and funding sustainable infrastructure in a post-Covid era

In response to Covid-19 governments across the world have made drastic interventions in order to protect public health. Lockdowns and other social isolation requirements have shut down large parts of national economies. For now at least, planes are grounded, global demand for energy has plunged and...
18 June 2020

Catalyst: Pressure Points: Repairing the Balance Sheet

The Covid-19 global pandemic has resulted in economic production and consumption contracting rapidly. As businesses emerge from the immediate shocks of the humanitarian and economic effects of Covid-19 and the public health responses to it, in this briefing we turn to the ways in which they can...
18 June 2020

Future Cities Series: Views from our sector experts

This series examines the most pressing issues facing our cities in the post-Covid era. We have taken a cross-sector view of the legal and regulatory impacts of the pandemic and have scrutinised the key areas that are likely to be affected by it. Across each of those areas, our sector experts...
18 June 2020

Future Cities Series: Emissions down in lock-down ⁠– how can we lock-in the climate gains?

We are well into the pandemic and lockdown in many regions, so it is natural to ask the question, “ when will this end and when will we return to normal ”... The problem is, “normal” was not sustainable, in so many ways. Those of us in the energy industry particularly know that to be true. This...
18 June 2020

Future Cities Series: How planning and zoning rules can be used to incentivise post-Covid development in cities

The Covid-19 pandemic has spread rapidly in densely populated cities, with typically only three to four weeks between the first fatality and the initial peak of infections. Like all unwanted guests, it will depart more slowly. As the health crisis begins to recede, we are facing months of continued...
17 June 2020

Federal Court of Australia again recognises and enforces ICSID awards

The Federal Court of Australia has recognised and enforced two awards issued in investor-state arbitrations conducted under the rules of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ( ICSID ) (ICSID case numbers ARB/13/31 and ARB/13/36 ). The Federal Court decision, Eiser...
17 June 2020

Biometric myopia risks stifling the facial recognition debate

It is clear from recent events that the debate surrounding the collection of biometric data was and continues to increase in volume, it is arguably not expanding in scope, creating risks and missed opportunities for regulators and innovators.
15 June 2020

Pressure Points: Compliance and governance in financial services in the age of Covid-19 (Australia)

This article is the third in a series by our financial services team which will explore the practical implications of Covid-19 on the financial services industry and our clients' businesses, following our articles on disclosure and operational issues . This edition will examine how the standards,...
15 June 2020

People: Guidance on partial furlough published (UK)

On 12 June HMRC published updated guidance to reflect the changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to permit flexible furlough from 1 July and require increasing levels of employer contribution from 1 August. These changes were announced on 29 May and further guidance was promised by 12 June...
12 June 2020

Will the UK follow the EU’s lead on human rights due diligence?

Following the announcement that the European Commission will introduce mandatory human rights due diligence (“ HRDD ”) legislation for EU companies, the question arises as to what a post-Brexit UK will do in response.
12 June 2020

Pressure Points: change and uncertainty drives opportunity for digital infrastructure sector (Asia)

The pandemic has reinforced the need for, and criticality of, resilient digital infrastructure. How providers will innovate and adapt to changing business and consumer demands post-crisis remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is that the disruption and uncertainty of the last few months has...
11 June 2020

Catalyst // Podcast Series

As markets move from response to recovery, our focus is shifting too. Looking ahead, we expect the global pandemic to operate as a catalyst, accelerating changes in human behaviour, driving forward scientific and technological advances, and ushering in further digitalisation and some tough choices...
11 June 2020

Pressure Points: Health Tech sector's rapid developments (Indonesia)

The future is bright for Indonesia’s health-tech industry, as interest from citizens, doctors and government surges. As the pandemic continues to impact daily life, Indonesians are rushing online for health information, medical consultations and to buy medicine. Health-tech start-ups have seen a...
11 June 2020

What is the future for regulatory enforcement in Australia?

In the aftermath of the Hayne Royal Commission, Australia’s regulators increasingly adopted an aggressive enforcement approach.
10 June 2020

Takeaways from the In-N-Out and Down-N-Out burger brands battle

A series of recent Federal Court cases provides a warning to “cheeky” traders whose marketing draws too closely on the brand and reputation of their rivals. In February, the Federal Court ruled that the operators of the Down-N-Out burger chain were liable to In-N-Out Burgers for trade mark...