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31 October 2019

Panel not distracted from takeover function by board squabbles

The Takeovers Panel has heard a number of matters concerning a change of control by way of board spill in 2019. The Panel has taken a ‘hands-off’ approach in these matters.
29 October 2019


The article gives an overview of Russian real estate M&A and private equity market, highlights its recent trends and summarises legal framework with particular focus on Russian law vehicles analogous to extremely popular publicly traded real estate companies and real estate investment trusts (...
29 October 2019

UAE Law Training Academy

Herbert Smith Freehills is pleased to invite in-house teams of our clients to the inaugural UAE Law Training Academy – a bespoke event that will provide a substantive overview of the UAE legal landscape and its intricacies
25 October 2019

The Shareholder Rights and Activism Review - Edition 4 - Australia

OVERVIEW The past 18 months have seen an intense, and growing, focus on corporate culture and accountability in Australia, which has in turn driven increasing activism at listed Australian companies, particularly in the financial services sector. As opposed to hedge fund activism focused on...
25 October 2019

Infrastructure initiatives in Southeast Asia: construction challenges and opportunities

Seoul Head of Disputes, Mike McClure , recently spoke at the 2019 Annual Conference of the International Bar Association in Seoul during a session on the initiatives that Asian countries have launched in order to build, finance and operate infrastructure in the region and in other parts of the...
24 October 2019

Five steps to calculate GDPR Fines: New model adopted by German Data Protection Authorities Conference

Aiming for uniformity of the systematic assessment of fines, the Conference of the German Data Protection Authorities (DSK) has published a new model for calculating fines under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The DSK now calculates fines by dividing group companies’ annual...
24 October 2019

The view from Brussels: The key questions raised by the new Brexit deal's Irish backstop replacement

The draft Withdrawal Agreement has finally been amended to replace the previous Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland with a new Protocol taking a rather different approach to securing the objective of avoiding a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We will describe...
24 October 2019

ACT Renewable Energy Reverse Auction

Following on from the four reverse auctions held between 2012 to 2016, the ACT Government has announced a new renewable energy reverse auction (the Reverse Auction ) to “safeguard the delivery of sourcing 100% renewable electricity by 2020 from within the ACT or across the National Electricity...
24 October 2019

Australian Public M&A Report 2019

Herbert Smith Freehills is pleased to announce the publication of the eleventh edition of its Australian Public Mergers and Acquisitions Report.
24 October 2019

Private equity a renewed force in Australian public M&A

A significant jump in the appetite of private equity investors in Australian assets boosted the total value and volume of public M&A transactions during FY19, according to a new report by Herbert Smith Freehills.
23 October 2019

Scanning the scanners – what employers need to know about the Privacy Act

As technology evolves with unprecedented speed, the law can struggle to keep pace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of employment relations and specifically the topic of employee monitoring, where companies and organisations are discovering the truth of the old adage: just because you...
23 October 2019

M&A STANDPOINT: Formal sale processes: A useful tool to solicit offers or a last resort?

FSPs were created to encourage a competitive and confidential sale process under the Takeover Code, but often they may signal that a company has run out of options. However, a number of companies have elected to launch FSPs in recent months, so when is an FSP is the right choice for a company?
23 October 2019

Managing Contractor Insolvency: A Legal and Practical Guide

One of the biggest risks faced by an employer in a construction project is the impact of the main contractor becoming insolvent, particularly in the current economic climate where it has become clear that main contractors are not regarded as being “too big to fail”. In this article, we discuss how...
22 October 2019

Full Federal Court warns infringers: Australian IP owners entitled to broad injunctions

It can be difficult for patent owners to decide whether to pursue litigation against infringers without a clear idea of whether the remedies likely to be awarded will properly vindicate and protect their rights. A recent Full Federal Court decision clarifies the Australian position.
22 October 2019

Patent and Pharma Update, October 2019

Key recent developments in the United Kingdom and Europe relating to patents and the pharmaceutical sector In this issue we provide updates from the CJEU on SPCs: in one case the CJEU has declined to consider a referral from the UK while in another the Advocate General has issued his opinion on the...