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The UPC Rules

22 September 2021 | Europe
Legal Briefings


In April 2017, the UPC Preparatory Committee released an updated version of the 18th draft of the UPC Rules of Procedure (with the amendments being dated 15 March 2017). There has been no further update since then. The UPC Preparatory Committee site states 

"The latest version of the draft Rules of Procedure can be found here. This draft is yet to come under scrutiny by the European Commission on the compatibility of the Rules of Procedure with Union law and will be subject to formal adoption by the UPC Administrative Committee (date of this meeting yet to be confirmed) during Provisional Application". 

So we must await the UPC Agreement provisional application period (see here for details) before the rules can be confirmed by the Commission and formally adopted by the UPC Administrative Committee (which itself cannot be established until the provisional application period has commenced).

The UPC Preparatory Committee has also already published its Rules on Court fees and recoverable costs (here) along with Guidelines for the determination of value–based Court fees and the ceiling of recoverable costs of the successful party (here).  See our e-bulletin for commentary on these Rules and Guidance and the Costs and Fees section of our UPC and UP hub.


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