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Tech Regulation Series: The End of Permissionless Innovation?

04 December 2019 | Global


The tech regulatory landscape is changing rapidly. It is complex and fragmented, both globally and by subject matter, making it difficult for technology providers to navigate. Almost weekly there are new headlines warning of risks and perils of ‘big tech’ and misuse of data. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure public trust in technology, its providers, and to advocate for global standards.

This series will help businesses navigate these complexities and approach compliance comprehensively, by spotlighting the different issues impacting technology providers.


Latest Thinking

A new era: what’s in store for tech regulation in 2020?

With headlines accumulating, and calls for regulatory action accelerating, 2019 ended the decade with the rise of the techlash and the end of ‘permissionless innovation’.

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Wherefore technology regulation? Rebuilding trust in the wake of the techlash

It is safe to say that the ‘techlash’ has well and truly arrived. It seems that barely a week passes without a new headline warning of the risks and perils of ‘big tech’ and the misuse of data.

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