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Horizon Scanning: UK and EU digital regulation tracker

30 May 2022 | Insight
Legal Briefings

Our timeline tool helps you track looming developments spanning key reforms in privacy, e-commerce, consumer protection and much more

Keeping up to date with regulatory developments in the digital space can be a challenge at the best of times! The Covid-19 pandemic has added to that challenge, acting as a major accelerator for digital transformation and driving the adoption and use of digital platforms and technologies by businesses and consumers respectively. This explosion of activity in the digital arena (especially from a consumer perspective) has unsurprisingly exacerbated and shed the spotlight on a number of online harms which has in turn lead to increased scrutiny on the digital ecosystem by governments and regulators alike.

To help our clients stay ahead of the game, we have put together what we hope is a helpful tool to keep track of digital regulation across the UK and EU (including developments forming part of the European Commission's European Digital Strategy). Our horizon scanning timeline includes an overview of key recent and upcoming regulatory dates across a range of focus areas including consumer rights legislation, e-commerce, platform regulation, data, advertising and marketing and online protection and education. We intend to release regular updates to the timeline going forward.

View the timeline here

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