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Cartel Intel – updates from our EMEA network

11 October 2021 | Insight
Legal Briefings

In this fourth edition of our quarterly update on key EMEA cartel developments, we are pleased to open with a short interview with Bo Vesterdorf, formerly a judge at and the President of the EU General Court and now a senior consultant with HSF.  In the interview, Brussels Partner Daniel Vowden has the privilege of discussing important recent EU legal developments with Bo.  The interview explores the topical themes of cartel enforcement and sustainability, and the balancing of the different rights and interests at issue in a hybrid settlement procedure.

The remainder of this edition then covers various significant developments in cartel enforcement from across our EMEA network.  Picking up on the sustainability theme discussed with Bo, the first report from the EU focuses on the landmark decision by the European Commission to fine three leading car manufacturers for illegal collusion which restricted innovation in green technology for diesel engines.  Other notable developments reported in this issue include important changes to the way that cartel fines are calculated in both France and the UK, ongoing enforcement in Germany against vertical price-fixing, the quashing by an Italian court of Euro 228 million fines imposed on four mobile telecoms operators for coordinating billing conditions, and a decision by the Spanish competition authority to prohibit the participants in a road maintenance cartel from bidding for future public contracts.  

Our network of expert practitioners located across the EMEA region will continue to monitor and report on significant cartel enforcement developments in the next edition of Cartel Intel, planned for January 2022.

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